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The Shaolin Arts: Master Answers Series
The Shaolin Arts: Master Answers Series

The Shaolin Arts: Master Answers Series

Shaolin Kungfu, Taijiquan, Qigong and Zen


262 Pages, 6.0 x 8.8

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $19.95 (US $19.95) (CA $26.95)

Publication Date: May 2002

ISBN 9789834087920

Rights: WOR

Cosmos Internet Sdn Bhd (May 2002)

Price: $19.95


The Shaolin Arts (Master Answers Series) is a selection of answers to questions written by various people all over the world to Sifu Wong, who is a celebrated Shaolin Grandmaster. The publication of these questions and answers will prove invaluable to everyone who is interested in the Shaolin arts.This book introduces Shaolin Kungfu, Taijiquan, Qigong and Zen Buddhism, and the various styles in these respective arts and training methods.The book includes:- The legends, history and personalities who were behind development of these arts. - An in-depth study of these arts, including form and internal force training, energy management and healing, weapons, strategies, tactics, spiritual joy, and meditation to achieve Enlightenment, which is the ultimate prize. - Case studies to prove that practitioners of these arts, especially qigong, can successfully overcome so-called incurable diseases, maintain their health and manage stress effectively. - Stories on "Satori" or Awakening experienced by Sifu Wong's students and disciples.

Author Biography

Wong Kiew Kit, popularly known as Sifu Wong, is the fourth generation successor of Venerable Jiang Nan from the famous Shaolin Monastery in China and Grandmaster of Shaolin Wahnam Institute of Kungfu and Chi Kung. He received the "Chi Kung Master of the Year" Award during the Second World Congress on Chi Kung held in San Francisco in 1997. He has practiced and taught the Shaolin arts for more than 3 decades and has more than 60,000 students all over the world.