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The Road Home
The Road Home

The Road Home

By Wei Ai, Translated by Alice Xin Liu

Penguin Specials


100 Pages, 4.5 x 7

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $9.99 (US $9.99) (CA $12.99)

Publication Date: July 2020

ISBN 9780734398666

Rights: US & CA

Penguin Books China (Jul 2020)

Price: $9.99


When Jie Fang's father is taken away for perceived dissent against Chairman Mao, the young boy's obsession with gunpower and heroism takes a dark turn

Jie Fang,a boy whose name is synonymous with "liberation," has a peculiar fascination with gunpowder. He accidentally brings trouble upon his family one day when he asks his father to paint a picture of his favorite war hero, Dong Cunrui, below the portrait of Chairman Mao. Despite his father's loyal devotion to the Party, the newly-drawn painting of the famous bomber who sacrificed himself for his country is interpreted as an attempt to blow up the chairman in a counter-revolutionary act. When his father is taken away, Jie Fang faces bullying from a clique of classmates. As the feud between them escalates, Jie Fang's unexpected discovery of a bomb leads him to continue exploring his unusual affinity for gunpowder, and what it means to truly be a "hero."

Author Biography

Ai Wei (née Zhu Xiongwei) is known for his novels Sunny Day, Comrade Lover, Lover Sinned, and his fiction collections Countryside Movie, Sound on the Water, Sisters, and Flower in the Water. He is the first Zhejiang Literature Star and one of the Fifty Best Writers of Zhejiang. He is also the winner of People's Literature Biennial Awards and Contemporary Literature Awards. He works at Literature Bay magazine.