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The Real Rock Follies
The Real Rock Follies

The Real Rock Follies

The Great Girl Band Rip-Off of 1976


304 Pages, 5 x 7.75

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $16.95 (US $16.95) (CA $22.95)

Publication Date: September 2017

ISBN 9781999705404

Rights: US & CA

NW1 Books (Sep 2017)

Price: $16.95


October 21, 1982. Three singers stand on the steps of the HighCourt with large cheques and broken dreams.The women are Annie (Annabel Leventon, the book’s author),GB (Gaye Brown), and Di-Di (Diane Langton). Their dreamwas of a British three-woman rock band, unique and differentfrom anything that had gone before. They called themselvesRock Bottom. They were raunchy, rude and hilarious – thecontemporary media described them as ‘a cross between thefemale Rolling Stones and the female Marx Brothers’ – and theynearly made it.Until Thames Television stole everything and made a majoraward-winning series called Rock Follies, about them, based onthem, but without them. It made stars of the three lookalikesplaying them. And they lost everything.A common enough tale of showbiz betrayal. Except that theyfought back. At the offset of the Court trial, the Head of Dramaat Thames TV sarcastically quipped, ‘three little actresses againstthe might of EMI?’Forget it, the three ladies were told. Move on.They didn’t. They took the case to the High Court and won.Breach of Confidence is now on the Statute Books and it hasbecome one of the defining cases in Intellectual Property.The Real Rock Follies is a real-life story of youthful trust betrayed,dreams of stardom dashed and cruel lessons learnt. The threegirls, then in their late twenties, learned too late that in theharsh showbiz world you can hardly trust anyone, not even yourfriends. However, despite everything, they got the last laugh.Their promising career couldn’t be returned to them but theyenjoyed the huge satisfaction (both emotional and financial)that the ruling confirmed that the creative concept behind RockFollies was fully theirs.

Author Biography

Annabel Leventon is an actress, singer, and writer. She first won a scholarship to Oxford and paid her way through her studies by singing with a dance band. Nominated as Actress of the Year for her lead role in the original London production of rock musical Hair!, she went on to form, with fellow actresses Gaye Brown and Diane Langton, the first and only three-girl rock group in England, Rock Bottom.