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The Playground Murders
The Playground Murders

The Playground Murders

The Detective's Daughter


384 Pages, 5.75 x 9

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, (CA $33.95)

Publication Date: June 2019

ISBN 9781786697257

Rights: CA

Head of Zeus (Jun 2019)

Available from local and national retailers throughout the US.


A woman is found dead, and the killer linked to the murder of a little girl in 1980

Wormwood scrubs playground, 1980: the wind blows across the common, and the girl in her shorts shivers. The playground is isolated, timeless. Far from the prying eyes of grown-ups, she and her friends can play make-believe here. The looming slide is a mountain; the upturned log a pirate ship. But six-year-old Sarah Ferris does not know that in two days' time, she will be dead: a victim of jealousy, betrayal, and her own innocence. Hammersmith, 2019:cleaner Stella Darnell loves rooting into shadowy places and restoring order. She'll clear your attic, polish your kitchen, and scrub your bath—but she also investigates cold cases. Stella can spend hours sifting through forgotten clues looking for shreds of evidence the police might have missed. So when a woman is found dead, and the killer is linked to the Sarah Ferris murder, Stella is the woman for the case. 


"One of the most original characters in British crime fiction . . . Thomson's plots are original and she draws her characters with genuine affection." —Sunday Times

"In the best traditions of the classic whodunnit, this is Midsomer Murders for grown-ups." —Sunday Express

"A clever mystery plot ... Its excellence is in the characters, all credible and memorable." —Literary Review

Author Biography

Lesley Thomson is the author of the Detective's Daughter series.