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The New Baby Blueprint
The New Baby Blueprint

The New Baby Blueprint

Caring for You and Your Little One


164 Pages, 5.5 x 8.5

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $14.95 (US $14.95) (CA $19.95)

Publication Date: March 2020

ISBN 9781610023757

Rights: WOR

American Academy of Pediatrics (Mar 2020)
American Academy Of Pediatrics

Price: $14.95


The best of both worlds in a book for new mothers—the relatable voice of another mom and the expertise of a practicing pediatrician

Pediatrician and mother of two young daughters, Dr. Whitney Casares, delivers a modern, empathetic guide to preparing for a baby and those first few days, weeks, and months of being a parent. From basic newborn care to breastfeeding success and from childcare choices to the emotional ups and downs of new motherhood, Dr. Casares's advice combines important health and safety information from the American Academy of Pediatrics with honest insights from her own parenting experiences. A dual approach to baby and self-care supports new and expecting moms through the challenges of meeting their own needs while getting ready for and caring for a new baby and includes important information on baby blues and postpartum depression. Dr. Casares's message is especially relatable for fellow working moms, struggling to win at parenting without losing themselves.


"They say motherhood doesn't come with a manual, but The New Baby Blueprint, brought to you by the American Academy of Pediatrics, comes pretty close. Author Whitney Casares, a pediatrician and mom of two, walks expectant parents through all the essentials of prepping for baby's arrival, including what to expect in the first days and weeks, and how to prepare your home, your partner and your brain for having a newborn—all through a relatable mix of humor and practical advice." —Ashlee Neuman, The Bump 

"Casares, a pediatrician, founder of, and a mother of two daughters, knows both personally and professionally the struggles parents face in the first few months of their child's life. The American Academy of Pediatrics has long been an organization parents in all stages look to for guidance on the medical and psychological struggles they face with their children. Brief and easy to browse for information, Casares's book answers frequently asked questions, such as what baby supplies are needed and which are pointless, how to find a pediatrician, and how to prepare for the possible challenges of breastfeeding. The appendix provides checklists, spaces for journaling, and ideas for possible self-care. However, one limiting factor is that a few of the recommendations may be cost prohibitive for some parents (e.g., the best pick for a child-care provider is a nanny; hiring a housecleaner is recommended as the first suggestion in how to automate and delegate). VERDICT A quick read with a parent-friendly format, this will be especially helpful for new parents, though some may find a few suggestions lacking in applicability." —Library Journal

"Dr Casares has written a parenting manual that helps new and experiences caregivers of infants just survive but thrive. Writing in an often humorous conversational style, Dr Casares comes across not only as a knowledgeable expert on newborn parenting but also as a life coach whose advice is sound, reassuring, evidence based, and inspirational!" —Lewis First, MD, MS, FAAP, professor and chair Department of Pediatrics, University of Vermont Larner College of Medicine; chief of pediatrics, University of Vermont Children's Hospital; and editor in chief, Pediatrics

"In this internet age of 'experts' giving advice on parenting, Dr Casares, a skilled pediatrician and mother, distills down volumes of information into a single, easy-to-read guide. Her book is honest and practical--a fresh focus on the mother's needs as well as those of the infant. Her candidness about her own struggles with bringing her babies home, combined with her work with countless new mothers in her practice, informs this modern blueprint for the well-being of the professional mother and her family." —Nicole Cirino, MD, reproductive psychiatrist; director, Women's Mental Health Program, Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Center for Women's Health; and professor of obstetrics and gynecology and of psychiatry, OHSU

"A wonderful, practical resource! With both the good sense of a mom who's 'been there, done that' and the seasoned experience of a pediatrician who's helped hundreds of moms navigate the same journey, Dr Casares offers wise guidance and practical tips to parents of newborns. Easy to read, it strikes the right balance between an overall approach to parenting and practical advice on the nitty-gritty details. It's like having coffee with a best friend who, by the way, just happens to be an expert on all things related to new babies and new moms. I can't imagine a better baby shower gift." —Janelle Aby, MD, FAAP, author of The Newborn Book and clinical professor of pediatrics at Stanford University School of Medicine

"Pediatricians often get emails, texts, and calls from friends seeking parenting advice from someone with a pediatric medical background. Dr Casares wrote a book that meets this need! She blends practical parenting tips and medical knowledge in this fresh and fun perspective on parenting. It's a great read for any parent who is interested in the pediatrician-mom perspective!" —Lauren Rose, MD, FAAP, newborn and pediatric hospitalist

"Dr Casares shares her expertise on newborns from her professional role as pediatrician and mom in a funny, practical, and down-to-earth manner. Her book provides the most practical advice for new moms that I have read . . . form preparing for the birth of the child to managing expectations of new moms and sharing her own personal experiences to giving parents-to-be all they need to know but were never told about having a baby. New moms everywhere will find this guide to being a parenting invaluable and refer to it again and again." —Deborah Rumsey, executive director, Children's Health Alliance

Author Biography

Whitney Casares, MD, MPH, FAAP, is a board-certified, practicing pediatrician and the creator of the popular website She is the mother of two young daughters and lives in Portland, OR.