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The Mormon Cult
The Mormon Cult

The Mormon Cult

A Former Missionary Reveals the Secrets of Mormon Mind Control


224 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: Mobipocket, Trade Paper, PDF, EPUB

Trade Paper, $14.95 (US $14.95) (CA $17.95)

Publication Date: April 2008

ISBN 9781884365447

Rights: WOR

See Sharp Press (Apr 2008)


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Price: $14.95


Explosive claims against the Mormon Church from a former member

Scrutinizing the experience of growing up Mormon, this personal narrative tells the story of one man's disillusionment with his faith and subsequent excommunication from the Church. This account reveals what is posited as inherent racism and sexism within the church and seeks to expose the controlling methods of indoctrination and the harsh process of excommunication. The basic tenets of the religion are explained, personal stories and analyses are shared, and church authorities are cited to support the claims of extreme gender and racial discrimination. From unknowing follower to angry rebel, and finally to a content, worldly man, this book recounts the experience of a survivor who feels the duty to explain his truth.


"Quickly allows the reader to 'become' that devout Mormon boy who voluntarily gave up two years of his young adulthood to serve God and to save souls."  —Richard Peckham, founder, Ex-Mormon Foundation

Author Biography

Jack B. Worthy was born and raised a Mormon, participating in the indoctrination process and mission work until he became disillusioned and left the Church. He has written under a pseudonym to protect his family members who are still active Mormons.