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The Memory Book



Found in an antique store while the author was on a short vacation to Budapest, the small leather book—filled with watercolors, drawings, and messages—turned out to be a memory book. At the turn of the twentieth century, many Eastern European girls kept memory books as keepsake albums, in which to record advice and remember special events. This particular one contained evergreen truisms and aphorisms written to the the book's owner, Amálka, when she visited places that few Americans know. Driven by curiosity and concern, the author undertook a multi-year journey into the heart of Old Europe and deep into centuries of art, history, and war. The result is a personal exploration of Austria-Hungary and the countries divided up by the Peace Treaty of Trianon at the end of World War I. Here she spreads a message of love in our time and helps Amálka's story live on.

PRAISE FOR The Memory Book

"Of the many ways I have seen people embark to explore the wonderful cultural heritage and magical atmosphere of my homeland and our neighbors, Linda’s is probably one of the most imaginative and rewarding. And not just rewarding for her, but also for anyone who reads this fascinating and educational narrative. I am sure it will be a call to adventure that will inspire many to explore the world as she did, especially the part of the world that she did, the countries of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire: Hungary and her neighbors."

Magdolna Fekete, Director, Hungarian National Tourist Office, New York

"A fascinating personal journey starting with the chance discovery of a young lady's ‘memory book’ in a Budapest bookshop. Linda Fischer delves into her own roots by decoding the fin-de-siècle treasure with the help of modern-day migrants in New York City, and the old-world inhabitants of former Austro-Hungary."

Marijana Dworska, Owner, Dworski Books, Hay-on-Wye, United Kingdom