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The Killing
The Killing

The Killing

The Killing


720 Pages, 5 x 8

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $13.99 (US $13.99)

Publication Date: October 2013

ISBN 9781447208419

Rights: US

Pan Macmillan (Oct 2013)
Pan Books

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A pageturning adaptation of the first season of the original Danish television series The Killing, from the author of the Nic Costa seriesThrough the dark wood where the dead trees give no shelter Nanna Birk Larsen runs . . . There is a bright monocular eye that follows, like a hunter after a wounded deer. It moves in a slow approaching zigzag, marching through the Pineseskoven wasteland, through the Pentecost Forest. The chill water, the fear, his presence not so far away . . . There is one torchlight on her now, the single blazing eye. And it is here.Sarah Lund is looking forward to her last day as a detective with the Copenhagen Police department before moving to Sweden. But everything changes when 19-year-old student Nanna Birk Larsen is found raped and brutally murdered in the woods outside the city. Lund's plans to relocate are put on hold as she leads the investigation along with fellow detective Jan Meyer. While Nanna's family struggles to cope with their loss, local politician Troels Hartmann is in the middle of an election campaign to become the new mayor of Copenhagen. When links between City Hall and the murder suddenly come to light, the case takes an entirely different turn. Over the course of 20 days, suspect upon suspect emerges as violence and political intrigue cast their shadows over the hunt for the killer.


"David Hewson—the author of more than a dozen detective novels set in Italy and with no need to stoop to anything too hurriedly commercial—has taken what was television gold and turned it into literary gold. This is one of the most engrossing detective novels I’ve read in a long time, with no easy solutions or insulting pay-offs and no easy moral to its story."  —Telegraph

"David Hewson has achieved the seemingly impossible. His novelisation of the drama is a different take on the original . . . just as gripping as the television serial. Whether you missed, hated or love The Killing on TV, this book is worth reading."  —Literary Review

Author Biography

David Hewson is the author of the highly acclaimed Detective Nic Costa series, including A Season for the Dead, The Villa of Mysteries, and The Fallen Angel, as well as such standalone titles as Death in Seville and The Promised Land.