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The Human Condition
The Human Condition

The Human Condition

From Elation To Sorrow


192 Pages, 12 x 10

Formats: Cloth

Cloth, $39.99 (US $39.99) (CA $53.99)

Publication Date: July 2020

ISBN 9781641120234

Rights: WOR

Nextone Inc (Jul 2020)
Vertel Publishing

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One man's photographic journey through the human condition helps us to see ourselves and our world in a whole new way Over the last twenty years, photographer Bill Voxman has traveled the world with his wife, Joanne, documenting the human condition from Bhutan to Peru, Armenia to Italy. Through his stunning black-and-white images, Voxman has set out to "bring to light such diverse universal aspects of the human condition as joy, contemplation, alienation, socialization, bravery, and desperation—features that transcend geographic boundaries." The results of Voxman's worldwide journey are found in this poetic collection, The Human Condition. "I hope that the images in this book will contribute to a greater understanding of and pleasure in the shared humanity that unites us," the photographer writes. Intimate and moving, The Human Condition reminds us that we each have an important part to play in the drama we call "humanity."


"Because I am a slinger of words, I have never ascribed—at least, not completely—to the adage that a picture is worth a thousand of the things. In fact, most of William Voxman's images also defy that questionable mathematical equivalence. They are pictures that penetrate instantly all the way to the viewer's imagination, and there they bring forth legend, novels, epics and history." —Robert Wrigley, Author of Anatomy of Melancholy and Other Poems

"Bill Voxman's intimate, stirring photographs are a poignant reminder of what binds all of us – joy and suffering, solitude and camaraderie, work and play – common threads of humanity he has artfully pulled from distant places and different peoples, then braided together brilliantly in this impactful collection of iconic images." —Andrea Vogt, Journalist, Filmmaker, and Contributor to The Daily Telegraph

"William Voxman's book, The Human Condition, captures a range of common characteristics among people from around the globe. He shares the common humanity in striking black and white images. His portraits convey universal themes such as "Joy" and "Alienation" – as well as unusual themes like "Teeth, A Health and Cultural Dilemma." Every photograph shines with the photographer's empathy for his subjects. And Voxman's short captions for each image help viewers understand the circumstances under which the often powerful but always sensitive pictures were captured. —Ken Kobre, Emeritus Professor of Photo and Videojournalism, San Francisco State University

"William Voxman's perceptive and incisive eye reveals diverse human beings in the midst of their lives. Voxman distills the essence of the human experience with insight, dignity, compassion and honesty. This profoundly moving volume of images and words teaches us to pay close attention as we move through the world, to stop, to look, and to ponder, and to connect, for everyone has a story." —Buddy Levy, author

Author Biography

When Bill Voxman retired from his mathematics faculty position at the University of Idaho in 2010, he began to pursue his passion for photography and travel on a full-time basis. Fluent in five languages, he has spent time in countries such as Ecuador, Cuba, Ukraine, and New Zealand, engaging directly with people of widely diverse ideas, life experiences, and living situations. He works only in "traditional" black and white, processing all of his film himself in his darkroom and studio back home in Idaho.