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The End of the World is Flat
The End of the World is Flat

The End of the World is Flat


240 Pages, 5 x 7.75

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $15.95 (US $15.95) (CA $21.95)

Publication Date: August 2021

ISBN 9781785632402

Rights: US & CA

Eye Books (Aug 2021)
Lightning Books

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A satirical comedy featuring Christopher Columbus, a tech billionaire, and a global delusion. Mel Winterbourne is the founder of a small, single-issue charity in the obscure field of mapmaking. Its success in achieving modest aims attracts the attention of handsome tech billionaire Joey Talavera, who evicts Mel and hijacks her charity for his own ends: to convince the world that the earth is flat. Although his chances of doing so seem slim, Flat Earthery is an idea whose time has come. With the historical reputation of Christopher Columbus in free-fall, old-style 'globularism' becomes heretical for a new generation of angry, anti-Establishment free-thinkers. Teachers, politicians, and celebrities face ruin if they refuse to sign up to the new orthodoxy. For Mel, something must be done. Teaming up with a pariah tabloid journalist and a faded writer of gross-out movie comedies, she sets out to challenge Talavera and his deranged beliefs. Will history and the billionaire's own family origins be their unexpected ally? Using his trademark mix of history and satire to poke fun at modern foibles, Simon Edge is at his razor-sharp best in a caper that may be much more relevant than you think.


For Anyone for Edmund: 'I loved this smart and divinely wry book, with its perfect marriage of archaeology, patron sainthood, and 10 Downing Street dirt. Has there ever been a more delightfully cynical political hack than Mark Price, or a more narratively rewarding neurotic prime minister than Marina Spencer? Long live them both! What a terrific eye and ear is at work here!' —Elinor Lipman  

'Anyone for Edmund? is gripping, funny and richly entertaining. This is not only a compelling read, but also a story grounded in real history and the genuine questions of national identity that are still thrown up by the legacies of medieval patron saints – and St Edmund in particular. While this book is fiction, at the heart of it is a truth every historian knows: the past is very much alive' —Dr Francis Young, author of Edmund: In Search of England's Lost King For A Right Royal Face Off  

'The way in which the eighteenth century is rendered in this novel is witty, observant and joyously gossipy. The characterisations are sharp and Simon Edge has the painter's eye for detail. It is paced beautifully and nothing is wasted' NB magazine 'The more of Simon Edge you read, the more you realise that every element of his stories is hand-selected and glued to the bigger picture – it's whimsical, farce-like… scrapbooky, in the best possible way' —Buzz Magazine

Author Biography

Simon Edge was born in Chester and read philosophy at Cambridge University. He was editor of the pioneering London paper Capital Gay before becoming a gossip columnist on the Evening Standard and then a feature writer on the Daily Express, where he was also a theatre critic for many years. He has an MA in Creative Writing from City University, London, where he also taught literary criticism. He is the author of four novels: The Hopkins Conundrum, longlisted for the Waverton Good Read Award, The Hurtle of Hell, A Right Royal Face-Off, and Anyone for Edmund?.