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The Empath
The Empath

The Empath


344 Pages, 5.5 x 8.5

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $17.95 (US $17.95) (CA $21.95)

Publication Date: August 2014

ISBN 9781939562661

Rights: WOR

Bedazzled Ink Publishing (Aug 2014)

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Aeron Lorelei is a young woman with a troubled past and a troubling gift. Blessed and cursed with the ability to sense the feelings, past, and future of those around her, Aeron lived as a misfit child. When she was sixteen, she took the blame for the death of her best friend’s little brother. Eleven years later she’s released from the correctional facility and must go back to her hometown–the scene of the crime that no one has forgotten.But Aeron must deal with more than just animosity. Someone in town is abducting and killing young girls. Aeron becomes the number one suspect and her distant father, the specter of her grandmother, and her mysterious psychiatrist must work together to discover the real killer. To prove her innocence, Aeron is forced to use the gift she has spent her life hiding.


"The twists and turns kept things interesting and always moving forward. Even events that you wouldn't expect to be related to the crime were deftly folded into the plot and given purpose. At no point did I think, 'Well, that was a nice scene, but what does it have to do with solving these murders' It all made sense. It was crafted well." —Carleen Spry, Frivolous Views

"Jody Klaire's debut novel is an exhilarating rush, a cross between the best of X Files and Orange in the New Black. Fast-paced, sharp, and very, very smart." —Marissa Cohen, She Magazine

"I'm not giving anything away but, The Empath is a taut tense thriller proving that there is two sides to every story and that everybody has their armour. How this series isn't in mainstream bookshops I don't know . . .  Bring on book two!" —The Book Lovers Library

Author Biography

Jody Klaire lives in Wales and has been many things from police officer to singer/songwriter and tries to use her experiences in life to evoke vivid pictures in her novels. She aspires for her characters to touch the hearts of the reader. She loves writing, sport, music, art, and teaching herself new subjects.