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The Book of the Barn Owl
The Book of the Barn Owl

The Book of the Barn Owl



208 Pages, 5.31 x 6.89

Formats: Cloth

Cloth, $24.95 (US $24.95) (CA $33.95)

Publication Date: June 2023

ISBN 9781789544770

Rights: US & CA

Head of Zeus (Jun 2023)

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Few of us know what goes on after dark, underneath the moon. Sally Coulthard shines a light on the Barn Owl, one of the most mesmerizing and elusive icons of the countryside.

With its heart-shaped face and silent, graceful flight, the Barn Owl is a favorite of birders and non-birders alike. A brief sighting is a thrill, hovering along a hedgerow or sweeping over a stubble field, but how much do we really know about this sublime tenant of the night? We humans, ever the egocentrics, fancy we see ourselves in the Barn Owl's big, baby eyes and quizzical tilt of the head. But the Barn Owl lives on a different plane – a yearly see-saw of feast and famine, companionship and solitude. It's a tough life – living in the shadows – but the Barn Owl has made it this far.

Sally Coulthard explores the hidden world of the Barn Owl. Full of fascinating insights, conservation advice and the latest research, this affectionate and timely guide also tells the story of a Barn Owl's early life – from first pip of the shell to leaving the nest – a fascinating time in this captivating creature's journey.


'A beautifully written book about a beautiful bird. Fact-filled, yet totally engaging' David Ramsden MBE, Barn Owl Trust

'An enjoyable and lyrical read, enhanced by Vanessa Lubach's arresting lino prints, which really bring the book to life' Country Life

'Beautifully illustrated and full of fascinating insights' Yorkshire Post

'Sally Coulthard brings us another immensely readable biography of British Isles fauna... This little book packs in everything the amateur nature enthusiast would want to know about one of Britain's most thrilling nocturnal creatures' Yorkshire Life

'With fascinating insights and tips on how to attract them... An endearing book for lovers of the barn owl' Daily Mail

'Coulthard's style is never less than effortlessly readable, and it is a measure of the delicacy of her touch that she is successfully able to marry the poetry of Edward Thomas with the rigorous research of a scientific study' Yorkshire Times

Author Biography

Sally Coulthard is a bestselling author of books about natural history and rural life including A Short History of the World According to Sheep, The Book of the Earthworm, The Bee Bible, The Hedgehog Handbook and over twenty more titles. She lives on a Yorkshire smallholding where she keeps rare breeds of sheep and spends too long, watching the horizon, hoping to catch a glimpse of the local Barn Owl.