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Support Childhood Cancer Guides During Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Childhood Leukemia: A Guide for Families, Friends & Caregivers

Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease among children and adolescents in the United States. Almost all survivors experience chronic late effects (many disabling and even life-threatening) from existing treatments. Unfortunately, only four new drugs have been approved to treat childhood cancer since 1980. Awareness and increased funds for research are desperately needed.  

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and in support, Childhood Cancer Guides is running a promotion on the latest edition of Childhood Leukemia: A Guide for Families, Friends & Caregivers (9781941089040), which was called “a must-have resource” in a starred review from Library Journal.

Approximately 4,000 kids are diagnosed with leukemia each year, and almost 2,000 copies have sold since the updated book published in May 2018. Join in to continue arming families with the knowledge they need to tackle childhood leukemia. Customers who purchase 25-99 books will receive 40% off, and those who purchase 100+ will receive 50% off, now until September 30. To order, please contact Josh Rowe at