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Summer Reading

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Dario and the Whale
By Cheryl Lawton Malone, Illustrated by Bistra Masseva
Price 16.99 $10.19
When I Was A Girl... I Dreamed
By Margaret Baker, By Justin Matott, Illustrated by Mark Ludy
Price 16.95 $10.17
Kuma-Kuma Chan's Home
By Kazue Takahashi
Price 12.99 $7.79
The Little Linebacker
By Stephen Tulloch, By Maria Dismondy, Illustrated by Heather Heyworth
Price 10.95 $6.57
Princess Cupcake Jones and the Dance Recital
By Ylleya Fields, Illustrated by Michael LaDuca
Price 15.95 $9.57
Climbing Lincoln's Steps
By Suzanne Slade, Illustrated by Colin Bootman
Price 6.99 $4.19
Hammer and Nails
By Josh Bledsoe, Illustrated by Jessica Warrick
Price 17.95 $10.77
By Nicola Davies, Illustrated by Cathy Fisher
Price 14.99 $8.99
The William Hoy Story
By Nancy Churnin, Illustrated by Jez Tuya
Price 16.99 $10.19
Where Is Robin? USA
By Robin Barone, Illustrated by Robyn Mitchell
Price 20.00 $12.00
Funny Stories for 7 Year Olds
Edited by Helen Paiba
Price 8.99 $5.39
Dump Truck Duck
By Megan E. Bryant, Illustrated by Jo de Ruiter
Price 16.99 $10.19
You Are My Best Friend
By Tatsuya Miyanishi
Price 16.99 $10.19
The Journey Home
By Frann Preston-Gannon
Price 8.99 $5.39
Mr. Chicken Arriva a Roma
By Leigh Hobbs
Price 17.99 $10.79
Wanda's Better Way
By Laura Pedersen, Illustrated by Penny Weber
Price 17.99 $10.77
3 Go Camping
By Oakley Graham, Illustrated by OliveMay Green
Price 12.99 $7.79
Electricity in Your Life
By Bo-hyun Seo, Illustrated by Sung-hua Kwak
Price 17.95 $10.77
Lulu Bell's Best Friends Ever
By Belinda Murrell, Illustrated by Serena Geddes
Price 16.99 $10.19

From Ant to Eagle
By Alex Lyttle
Price 9.95 $5.97
The Mystery of the Zorse's Mask
By Linda Joy Singleton
Price 9.99 $5.99
The Extremely Epic Viking Tale of Yondersaay
By Aoife Lennon-Ritchie
Price 14.99 $8.99
The Snake Trap
By Kevin Brooks
Price 11.99 $7.19
Diary of a Tennis Prodigy
By Shamini Flint, Illustrated by Sally Heinrich
Price 8.99 $5.39
By Rosanne Hawke, Edited by Lyn White
Price 12.99 $7.79
Wicked's Way
By Anna Fienberg
Price 9.99 $5.99
Freddie Ramos Rules New York
By Jacqueline Jules, Illustrated by Miguel Benítez
Price 4.99 $3.09
Gasparilla's Gold
By Sandra Markle
Price 9.95 $5.97
Hidden in the Haunted School
By Gertrude Chandler Warner
Price 5.99 $3.59
The Shackleton Sabotage
Created by Gertrude Chandler Warner, Illustrated by Anthony VanArsdale
Price 6.99 $4.19
Go with the Flow
By B. Hellard, By L. Gibbs
Price 8.99 $5.39
Spy Dog: Gunpowder Plot
By Andrew Cope
Price 7.99 $4.79
Emily's Tiara Trouble
By Samantha Turnbull
Price 7.99 $4.79
Collected Diaries of a Sporting Superhero
By Shamini Flint, Illustrated by Sally Heinrich
Price 14.99 $8.99
Cruise Control
By Samantha Turnbull
Price 9.99 $5.99
Uncertain Summer
By Jessica Lee Anderson
Price 12.95 $7.77
Count Me In
By B. Hellard, By L. Gibbs
Price 8.99 $5.39

Damaged Goods
By Jennifer Bardsley
Price 15.00 $9.00
One Would Think the Deep
By Claire Zorn
Price 7.99 $4.79
Hair in All the Wrong Places
By Andrew Buckley
Price 15.00 $9.00
Beyond Carousel
By Brendan Ritchie
Price 7.99 $4.79
By Shaila Patel
Price 15.00 $9.00
Betrayal of the Band
By Sarah Tipton
Price 15.95 $8.79
The Sky Throne
By Chris Ledbetter
Price 15.00 $9.00
By Jennifer Anne Davis
Price 15.00 $9.00
La Reina Roja
By Victoria Aveyard
Price 19.95 $11.97
Summoner Rising
By Melanie McFarlane
Price 15.00 $9.00
Of the Trees
By E.M. Fitch
Price 15.00 $9.00
Embers in the Sea
By Jennifer M. Eaton
Price 15.00 $9.00
Station Fosaan
By Dee Garretson
Price 15.00 $9.00
Saving Jazz
By Kate McCaffrey
Price 9.99 $5.99
The Sign of One
By Eugene Lambert
Price 11.99 $7.19
The Last Girl
By Michael Adams
Price 12.99 $7.79
The Last Shot
By Michael Adams
Price 12.99 $7.79
A Place Like This
By Steven Herrick
Price 10.99 $6.59
La artillería de Mr. Smith
By Damián Montes
Price 13.95 $8.37
Split Infinity
By Thalia Kalkipsakis
Price 14.99 $8.99

Graphic Novels & Comics - September 2017

Rohan at the Louvre
Rohan at the Louvre >
By Hirohiko Araki
Price 19.99
Sartre >
By Mathilde Ramadie, Illustrated by Anaïs Depommier
Price 27.99
Baddawi >
By Leila Abdelrazaq
Price 19.99
Ghetto Brother
Ghetto Brother >
By Julian Voloj, Illustrated by Claudia Ahlering, Introduction by Jeff Chang
Price 12.99
Wrinkles >
By Paco Roca
Price 16.95
Phantoms of the Louvre
Phantoms of the Louvre >
By Enki Bilal
Price 29.99
The Cross-Eyed Mutt
The Cross-Eyed Mutt >
By Etienne Davodeau
Price 24.99
Thoreau >
By A. Dan, By Maximilien Le Roy
Price 19.99
Billie Holiday
Billie Holiday >
By Carlos Sampayo, Illustrated by Jose Munoz
Price 19.99
Pride of the Decent Man
Pride of the Decent Man >
By T.J. Kirsch
Price 19.99
(H)afrocentric Comics
(H)afrocentric Comics >
By Juliana "Jewels" Smith, Illustrated by Mike Hampton, Illustrated by Ronald Nelson, Foreword by Kiese Laymon
Price 20.00
Scrimshaw >
By Eric Borden, Illustrated by Dave Mims, Illustrated by Spike O’Laochdha
Price 14.95
Nichiren >
By Masahiko Murakami, Illustrated by Ken Tanaka
Price 12.95
Ask Me About Polyamory
Ask Me About Polyamory >
By Tikva Wolf, Foreword by Sophie Labelle
Price 24.95
The Lighthouse
The Lighthouse >
By Paco Roca
Price 15.99
Diario de Oaxaca
Diario de Oaxaca >
By Peter Kuper, Introduction by Martín Solares
Price 24.95
The Borden Tragedy
The Borden Tragedy >
By Rick Geary
Price 9.99
The Freak Brothers Omnibus
The Freak Brothers Omnibus >
By Gilbert Shelton
Price 35.00