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Summer 2022 Top Shelf Highlights

IPG’s sales, marketing, and publicity teams select Top Shelf picks from across all our publisher’s frontlist titles releasing each season. #IPGTopShelf

Summer 2022 Top Shelf Highlights

Don McLean's American Pie
Don McLean's American Pie >
By Meteor 17 Books
Price 17.99
Kit and Caboodle
Kit and Caboodle >
By Anna Pignataro
Price 16.99
My Shadow Is Purple
My Shadow Is Purple >
By Scott Stuart
Price 16.99
The Art of Home
The Art of Home >
Other @storyofmyhome N/A
Price 24.95
Beyond Fear
Beyond Fear >
By Don Ruiz, Retold by Mary Carroll Nelson
Price 16.99
Boy on Fire
Boy on Fire >
By Mark Mordue
Price 17.95
Mixed Feelings
Mixed Feelings >
By Abraham Rodriguez
Price 16.99
Nora Ephron
Nora Ephron >
By Kristin Marguerite Doidge
Price 30.00