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Singer-songwriter Lily Allen opens up about her darkest days in new memoir, My Thoughts Exactly

My Thoughts Exactly

Though tabloid speculation has followed London-born popstar Lily Allen throughout her career, she’s always done her best to keep her private life private, disappearing from the scene often over the past few years. When the public assumed she was taking a time-out from the demands of celebrity to focus on family, Allen was actually battling some extreme traumas—a failing marriage, postpartum depression, substance abuse, and sexual assault, to name a few. Now on the other side her darkest days, Lily Allen is ready to tell her story. My Thoughts Exactly (Blink Publishing, 9781911600909) is a book of essays Allen penned both during the period she’s referred to as her “identity crisis” and after it, as a sober woman reflecting on the biggest tests of her life. With a gut-wrenching, candid take on everything from fame and money to drugs, abusive relationships, and mental health, Allen’s memoir offers a fascinating read for fans and an important new voice to the chorus of women telling their own stories, however brutal they may be.

Releasing here in the US in December, My Thoughts Exactly has received lots of recent media attention. For her latest interview about the book, her experiences as they relate to the #MeToo movement, and more, check out E!’s latest coverage.

The book has also been mentioned in People, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, Variety, Bustle, Jezebel, Noisey, and many other major media outlets.