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Sicilian Dynasty
Sicilian Dynasty

Sicilian Dynasty


168 Pages, 5.0 x 8.05

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $12.00 (US $12.00) (CA $16.20)

Publication Date: November 2014

ISBN 9780991588619

Rights: WOR

Trinacria Editions LLC (Nov 2014)

Price: $12.00


Late in the twentieth century, young Eva marries the much older Antonio, heir to one of Sicily's last large rural estates. Eva prefers the city to country life, while her husband is constantly haunted by personal demons and past jealousies. In view of family squabbles and external influences, with a changing society and even the murderous Mafia encroaching upon their happiness, does the marriage stand a chance?This is a story of the psyche.Here, told from the parallel perspectives of husband and wife, is the tale of a modern couple's very traditional challenges over the course of 25 years. The old Sicily is vanishing, to be replaced by new realities.Intriguing and passionate, the story of Eva and Antonio captures the essence of the experiences of real Sicilian families.Can Eva change her wild ways? Can Antonio save his marriage? What will become of his property? What will be his legacy? In a plot full of twists and turns, surprises lurk around every corner.

Author Biography

Bologna native Daniela Di Benedetto has spent most of her life in Palermo, where she studied music and earned a degree in humanities. This is her second novel to be translated into English.