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160 Pages, 8 x 11

Formats: PDF

PDF, $9.99 (US $9.99) (CA $12.99)

Publication Date: August 2017

ISBN 9781681121024

Rights: WOR

NBM Publishing (Aug 2017)

Price: $9.99
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For some he was the philosopher of existentialism, for others the constant provocateur, the politically engaged author, the uncertain militant, the repenting bourgeois, the life companion of Simone de Beauvoir… From his first readings in the Luxembourg Garden to his refusal of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Jean Paul Sartre was all of this at the same time. In his biographic piece, the life and thoughts that made Sartre a known name are brought to print in rich color.

Author Biography

Anaïs Depommier was born in the late 1980s in a small village in the Southeast of France. Growing up a close friend of Mathilde Ramadier, they couldn't do enough sleepovers from one's house to the other. Inseparable at school, they spent their weekends building huts in the bush, watching the gendarmes go by, playing "Mouse Stampede" on a Macintosh Classic, and reading many comics. When it came time to prepare for the entrance exam to art school, they met later in the evenings at the painter Jean-Michel Pétrissan's workshop in Valence. Anaïs studied drawing for four years, then co-created the OneShot workshop where regular life drawing classes and other exhibitions are held. She now lives in Paris and works in comics, graphics and animation design. Mathilde Ramadier was born in the late 1980s in a small village in the Southeast of France. Mathilde began her studies at the National School of applied arts and crafts. Then she moved away from graphics to study aesthetics and psychoanalysis. She completed her studies with a masters in philosophy at the prestigious Ecole Normale Superieure. For four years, she has also been running a weekly program on electronic music on Radio Campus Paris. Mathilde now lives in Berlin, where she writes about philosophy in general, sociology and ecology in particular.