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Rethinking the Politics of Labour in Canada
Rethinking the Politics of Labour in Canada

Rethinking the Politics of Labour in Canada

Edited by Stephanie Ross, Edited by Larry Savage

Labour in Canada


196 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $29.95 (US $29.95)

Publication Date: March 2012

ISBN 9781552664780

Rights: WOR X CA, UK & EUR

Fernwood Publishing (Mar 2012)
Fernwood Publishing Co., Ltd.

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Focusing on the Canadian postwar era, this examination seeks to explain how and why workers were able to exert collective power—and how they might reclaim it. With essays from established and emerging scholars from a wide range of disciplines, this collection assesses the past, present, and uncertain future of labor politics in Canada. The study combines the traditional electoral-based aspects of labor politics with analyses of the rediscovered forms of working-class organization and strategies influenced by social movements, which have become increasingly important in the Canadian labor movement.


"This book brings together a wide range of contributions about labor and politics in Canada, some of them unprecedented. It is much needed: there is nothing like it available, and the issues it deals with are becoming ever more important."  —David Camfield, professor of labor studies, University of Manitoba, and author, Canadian Labour in Crisis

Author Biography

Stephanie Ross is an assistant professor and a coordinator of the work and labor studies program in the department of social science at York University. She lives in Toronto, Ontario. Larry Savage is an associate professor of political science and labor studies at Brock University. He lives in St. Catherine’s, Ontario.

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