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Redemptive Leadership
Redemptive Leadership

Redemptive Leadership

Unleashing Your Greatest Influence


172 Pages, 9.1 x 8.5

Trade Paper, $14.99 (CA $20.00) (US $14.99)

Publication Date: April 2019

ISBN 9781949021233

Rights: WOR

Illumify Media Global (Apr 2019)

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Will God ever use me again?How can I invest my broken life?Does my life matter?Have you ever asked yourself these questions? All too often, churches, organizations, and companies abandon their broken leaders at the very moment the person becomes most useful.In Redemptive Leadership, Dr. Harv Powers explains•Why God uses broken leaders•How God uses brokenness to transform the lives of others•The process to become a redemptive leaderRedemptive leadership rests on the hope that out of the ashes of our lives, transcendent influence emerges. God uses all the events of our lives, both positive and negative, to forge in us our redemptive influence for His kingdom. If the gospel holds any power at all, it does so because God works powerfully in and through our weakness.Leadership transcends the mastery of skills, techniques, and knowledgeâ€â€Âwhat we call “competency.†Dr. Powers charts a path through our moments of crisis and failure so we will bear the seeds of godly character and exert our greatest influence.


"We are living in a day of leadership madness where character has been exchanged for confidence and integrity jettisoned for results. We are more desperate today for good leaders and meaningful material on leadership than ever before. Harv Powers offers a lucid and deep understanding of the developmental journey a leader must walk to offer not only vision but life. Harv is a brilliant, tender, and wise man whose labor will reinvigorate your leadership and clarify your next steps in your calling." â€â€Â Dan B. Allender, founding president and professor of counseling psychology at the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology and author of The Wounded Heart and Leading with a Limp

"If you have experienced a crisis as a leaderâ€â€Âand who hasn't?â€â€ÂDr. Harv Powers's book Redemptive Leadership is for you. The wisdom he has gathered through coaching, mentoring, and studying great leaders will change the way we think about the role of crisis as a key catalyst in the internal development of leaders, a topic seldom discussed in current leadership literature. In his view, this internal growth supports longevity as a leader and spawns what he defines as redemptive influence. Don't miss out on this important leadership discussion as it will change how we understand what truly shapes the internal life of a leader." â€â€Â Curt Coffman, senior partner at the Coffman Organization, executive fellow at Daniels School of Business, and coauthor of First, Break All the Rules

"Harv Powers takes leadership development to a whole new levelâ€â€Âbeyond just understanding and applying methods and principles which increase competency. He shows how God transforms leaders' lives by using failure and brokenness to cause growth in effectiveness and usefulness. I have taught leadership development for almost fifty years and believe what Dr. Powers shares in this book will be important additions to what I teach in the future."  Steve Douglass, president of Campus Crusade for Christ International and Cru and coauthor of Managing Yourself and How to Achieve Your Potentialand Enjoy Life 

"Emerging from his many years of caring for Christian leaders, Dr. Powers weaves together biblical wisdom, life experiences, and professional expertise to provide insight into how God develops, restores, and matures us as members of His leadership team. Redemptive Leadership will show you how you can embrace God's leadership development path and find greater hope, joy, and eternal effectiveness." â€â€Â Craig Williford, president and associate professor of leadership at Multnomah University

"This leadership book is a refreshing departure from the standard shallow professional advice I read so often. Harv Powers is onto something fresh with his five-stage Redemptive Leadership Model. I agree with him that the best leadership often springs from the ashes. God uses us because of our brokenness, not in spite of our brokenness. This book is a great culmination of Dr. Powers's decades of helping hurting leaders." â€â€Â Hans Finzel, president of HDLeaders and best-selling author of The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make 

"Dr. Harvey Powers, a skilled and sought-after therapist and speaker, draws from his deep experience as a pastor and counselor in this valuable book, which will enlighten leaders and followers alike to the meaning of godly influence. There is much more to leadership than "the gospel of knowledge and duty,"  as Dr. Powers points out. In Scripture and in our lives today, we find that God sculpts us through crisis and failure, which are integral parts of the journey toward personal transformation. Indeed, Dr. Powers has helped me greatly through my own dark nights of the soul. May God use this short, but profound, book to bring beauty out of ashes and to bring many Christians to a better understanding of God's narrative for their lives."  Douglas Groothuis, professor of philosophy at Denver Seminary and author of thirteen books, including Walking through Twilight

"In these current days where we question leadership in every sphere of influence, Dr. Powers gives powerful insight into the experiences and qualities that make for a true leader. This is the book that anyone interested in leadership development should read to understand what it takes to build authentic leaders."  Nanci Ricks, president of Empart USA

"Books on leadership abound (and Harv Powers cites many of them), but this book stands out from the pack. While acknowledging the importance of competency, work ethic, intelligence, character, and other crucial traits of successful leaders, Dr. Powers draws readers into the transforming power of redemptive experiences. Using many illustrationsâ€â€Âfrom his own thirty-plus years of experience as well as biblical examplesâ€â€Âhe charts a course for emerging, experienced, and re-emerging leaders to redeem their own brokenness (and no leader is exempt) to become agents of redemption in the lives of othersâ€â€Âwhich becomes Powers' definition of a truly successful leader. His key takeaway: 'God uses us because of our brokenness, not in spite of our brokenness.'" â€â€Â William W. Klein, professor of New Testament at Denver Seminary and author of The New Chosen People

Author Biography

Dr. Harv Powers draws from his thirty-five years of experience as a clincal psychologist, pastor, and graduate school professor to equip leaders in ministry and business. He lives in Colorado with his wife, Bev, and his three daughters.