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Reconsidering Religion, Law, and Democracy
Reconsidering Religion, Law, and Democracy

Reconsidering Religion, Law, and Democracy

New Challenges for Society and Research

Edited by Anna-Sara Lind, Edited by Mia Lövheim, Edited by Ulf Zackariasson


272 Pages, 5.75 x 8.5

Formats: Cloth, PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket

Cloth, $51.95 (US $51.95) (CA $61.95)

Publication Date: April 2016

ISBN 9789188168238

Rights: US, CA, AU, NZ & SAM

Nordic Academic Press (Apr 2016)


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How are Western, mostly secular, societies handling religion in its increasingly pluralistic and complex forms? What different forms of interactions between and negotiations of religion and religious beliefs can we see in contemporary society? What are the primary contenders in these interactions and negotiations? The authors of Religion, Law and Democracy give ample examples of a variety of interaction processes between different expressions of religion and different spheres of society, such as the media, the judicial systems and state administration and policy. The authors primarily approach these questions from a North European but also to some extent a global perspective. A common denominator is a dynamic perspective on the relation between religious organizations, society and the individual actors – in other words how all of these levels are interconnected and transformed in these processes.

Author Biography

Anna-Sara Lind is Associate professor in Public law, University of Uppsala. Her research focuses on fundamental rights in a national as well as in a European constitutional context and how these fundamental rights are communicated between these levels, for example the constitutional dimension of how the national legal order is being tested and challenged by international law and/or EU law and how law-making is fragmentized between several constitutional actors. In her ongoing projects, these questions are analyzed in the fields of data protection, welfare law and bio banking. Lind is the Deputy Director of the program Impact of Religion – Challenges for Society, Law and Democracy. Mia Lövheim is Professor in Sociology of Religion, University of Uppsala. Her research focuses on religion in Nordic media, most currently representations of religion and modernity in editorials and the handling of religion and conflict in Swedish public service media. She has previously studied the significance of religion for young people's everyday life and identity, and expressions of religion, values and gender among young Swedish bloggers. Lövheim is the leader of theme one; "Religious and social change" within the Impact program and vice-president of the International Society for Media, Religion and Culture. Ulf Zackariasson is Associate Professor of Philosophy of Religion at Uppsala University, Sweden. He is the author of Forces by Which We Live: Religion and Religious Experience from the Perspective of a Pragmatic Philosophical Anthropology as well as a number of journal articles and book chapters on pragmatic philosophy of religion. He is currently president of the European Society for Philosophy of Religion.