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Protected by Purpose
Protected by Purpose

Protected by Purpose

How the Transformation from Hopelessness and Despair Can Lead to an Extraordinary Life


172 Pages, 7.67 x 9.25

Cloth, $26.99 (US $26.99) (CA $33.50)

Publication Date: April 2018

ISBN 9780999645093

Rights: WOR

Timothy and Titus (Apr 2018)

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In her new book, Protected by Purpose, Dorinda Walker reveals her onerous childhood experiences, triumphs and life lessons providing a compelling real-life narrative that validates the power of unconditional love, the process of forgiveness, and embracing faith to not only survive, but to overcome and lead a fulfilling life of purpose. Dorinda faced harsh, painful, and often unfair circumstances early in her life which seemed too great to overcome. She was born into a dysfunctional family of parents who succumb to the Heroin epidemic of the 1970's. Dorinda suffered the consequences of her parent's addiction, being physically and mentally abused by her mother's boyfriend, heartbroken by the imminent death of her father after being diagnosed with the A.I.D.S virus, and her mother's struggle to conquer her battle with drug addiction. Dorinda's inability to cope resulted in an enraged young woman with low self-esteem, no moral value or integrity and no hope, dropping out of high school, becoming a drug dealer, sexual promiscuity with much older men and attempting suicide twice—all before the age of 18. Dorinda's life was spiraling out of control. Then, she experienced a few life-altering experiences, including being pressed against a wall and while being frisked by the police outside of the projects, a voice in her head said, "You're going to be 18 in two weeks. You're either going to die or go to jail." It was the sign Dorinda needed to take the step to leave her problematic life behind and embrace faith in God.  This belief did not stem from a religious upbringing, but from an ingrained knowledge of His existence. She outlines how she came to understand that she was worthy of living a life of peace, joy and prosperity, and how she found the courage to put in the work with fortitude to change her circumstances to persevere and become a successful award winning Corporate Executive for a Fortune 50 Company. What's most inspiring about her story is the unconditional love and healing she and her mother cultivated despite the odds against them, demonstrating a compelling revelation on the power of forgiveness. The fuel that enabled Dorinda to let go of the shame and disappointment of her past, to rise above and embrace the power she had within. 

Author Biography

Dorinda Walker is an Inspirational Warrior, Survivor and Multicultural Marketer, who holds the title of Vice President for a Fortune 100 Corporation. Rising above her childhood difficulties, Dorinda Walker has based her career on expanding new business opportunities and financial education among diverse markets. She focuses her efforts on important areas such as targeted marketing, strategic planning, sponsorship event planning, program management and community engagement. What is most compelling about her corporate position is the path she took to arrive there. This includes being born to heroin-addicted parents, surviving physical abuse, attempting suicide, dropping out of high school and living a dangerous street life as a teenager. Walker channeled her 'street smarts' to rise up the corporate ladder and tell her story to thousands of people every year. Walker's mission is to inspire individuals who are thrown into dysfunctional circumstances, to face the voices of doubt and fear and still press forward. Her goal is to help them not only survive, but to overcome by achieving success and fulfilling their life's purpose. Walker is a graduate of the Woman's Unlimited TEAM Program, a nationally acclaimed management and leadership development program for high-potential women. She is also an Advisory Board Member for Hispanicize; a Board of Trustees Member for Ironbound Film and Television Studios and Truth and Reality; and a former Board of Trustees member for the Jersey Explorer Children's Museum. Her other accomplishments and awards include:•Invitation for 2017 "Pucker Up for Change" Beauty Campaign•2017 Honoree for The Network Journal's Top 25 Women In Business •The Great Girlfriend of the Year for contributions and support of women's empowerment (July 2016)•Corporate Citizen of the Year at the Merge Summit for Contributions to Community (August 2016)•Distinguished Leadership Award, The Jessie Banks Foundation for Contributions to Community (November 2016)•Corporate Leadership Award, Simuel Simmons Whitfield Foundation for support of women in the African American community (December 2016)