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PreAlgebra Blastoff!
PreAlgebra Blastoff!

PreAlgebra Blastoff!

Understand Positive and Negative Numbers

PreAlgebra Blastoff! series


128 Pages, 8.56 x 11.0

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $14.95 (US $14.95) (CA $20.00)

Publication Date: January 2010

ISBN 9780965911368

Rights: WOR

Singing Turtle Press (Jan 2010)

Price: $14.95


PreAlgebra Blastoff! empowers parents and educators to help children master pre-algebra topics, particularly the confusing rules for positive and negative numbers.In Stage One - Explore, children are introduced to the math concepts through a sci-fi, full-color 16-page comic book story. This story teaches children how positive and negative numbers combine. What is more, it introduces children to the foam manipulatives (enclosed on the back cover), a hands-on teaching tool for positive and negative numbers.In Stage Two - Learn & Practice, children work their way through the Learning Program. This program uses the foam manipulatives, Workmats, instructions, and practice problems (all answers included) to teach children the rules for working with positive and negative numbers.In this Learn & Practice section, children first learn how to solve problems using manipulatives, and then learn how to solve problems abstractly, without manipulatives. In Stage Three - Reinforce, children play board games that offer concept development and further practice.

Author Biography

Josh Rappaport runs the Now I Get It! Tutoring Service in Santa Fe, New Mexico. As a longtime tutor, Josh has heard just about every question about math ever uttered. To help children, Josh relates math's complexities to life situations through playful analogies. Josh put his ideas together in the Algebra Survival Guide, winner of a Parents Choice commendation. The Guide has been used by individuals, schools and school districts across the United States.