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Peek-a-Who Too?
Peek-a-Who Too?

Peek-a-Who Too?



22 Pages, 6.5 x 6.5

Board Book, $11.99 (US $11.99) (CA $15.99)

Publication Date: September 2019

ISBN 9789888341818

Rights: WOR

minedition (Sep 2019)

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More Peek-a-Who? fun awaits little fans of this popular triangular board book format that the Wall Street Journal named one of the best books of 2018

A triangular board book may seem unusual, but Peek-A-Who?, with its cleverly shaped lift-the-flaps, garnered fans from across the children's book world. This follow-up to the acclaimed original is full of hidden animals, each making different sounds. Can you figure out who each one is? Lift the unique shaped flaps to see who peeks out!


"Just when you thought it couldn't be done, there's a new twist—ahem, fold—on a classic guessing game! ...eye-catching triangular shape ...Caregivers will flip over the innovative flaps, warm animal art, and opportunities to interact with little listeners." —Kirkus Reviews

"Our picks for the best board books of the season: Babies and toddlers will be delighted by the unusual triangular book shape, distinctive illustration style, and opportunities for their grown-ups to make hilarious animal sounds." —School Library Journal,

"Innovative... Mroziewicz packs uncommon exuberance, expressiveness, and design into a little triangular package." —Publishers Weekly

"This triangular board book is engagingly designed to fit in little hands. Each page turn offers a diamond-shaped double-page spread that asks youngsters to guess an animal based on the sound it makes. "Who says meow?" queries a cheerful blue spread. And here's where it gets fun: the answer is found by unfolding the pages, transforming the spread into a whiskered cat's face, with perky triangle ears. The pattern repeats to reveal 11 vividly painted animals by book's end, including a turkey, snake, pig, sheep, and peacock. Sturdily constructed, this clever book will withstand grabbing and multiple reading sessions." —Booklist

"Books don't usually come in triangular form, but three sides and three angles make perfect sense for Peek-A-Who?, a board book for babies and toddlers that ranks among the year's best." —Wall Street Journal

"Each illustration is colorful and heavily detailed, providing readers with visually rich, patterned paintings that invite close looks. ... Mroziewicz's use of onomatopoeia makes this an enjoyable and effective read-aloud for younger children. … a well-designed book that stands out for its gorgeous illustrations. A visually enticing book based on a simple and entertaining concept." —Kirkus Reviews

"2019 Great Board Books. Last year's Peek-a-Who was gorgeous, no question (and it made it onto the 2018 Great Board Books & Pop Up Books list) but this year's is better.The book keeps you guessing every step of the way, and the illustrations are far more beautiful than they have any right to be. Plus I love the scary/not scary aspect of discovering the flaps are teeth or paws reaching out to get you. Eek! One of my favorites. Certainly, one of the most beautiful."—Elizabeth Bird, School Library Journal 

"Top 5 For Under 5. A board book that's a triangle! This follow-up to Peek-a-Who is full of hidden animals, each making different sounds. Can you figure out who each one is? Lift the unique shaped flaps to see who peeks out! Babies and toddlers are sure to be delighted by these colorful, noisy creatures." —Princeton Library 

Author Biography

Elsa Mroziewicz is a French illustrator and the author and illustrator of Peek-a-Who? In addition to illustrating books, she also develops pop-up books, paper art, comics, and she's worked in various aspects of film production. Her work is inspired by circuses, theater, movies, and music.