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Parejas ¿parejas?
Parejas ¿parejas?

Parejas ¿parejas?

Consejos esenciales para una relación de pareja amorosa


168 Pages, 6.75 x 9

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $15.99 (US $15.99) (CA $18.99)

Publication Date: December 2015

ISBN 9786079346256

Rights: US & CA

Editorial Pax Mexico (Dec 2015)

Price: $15.99


Finding your "better half" and living happily ever after is an objective that many people have thought about since childhood. Sometimes, however, there are quite a few obstacles that hinder us from achieving success in a partnership. We seek to satisfy the need to love and to feel loved in return, to enjoy our sexuality, to share common goals, to have a daily routine, to grow old together, and to tackle the future arm in arm. This vital interaction requires that we dedicate our efforts to continously develop and improve the relationship. Two professional psychologists and therapists join forces here to share their experiences and advice for living happily ever after. Reflections, practical exercises, real-life scenarios, therapeutic cases, and other illustrative examples fill this book. Topics covered include different roles within a couple, sexuality, communication, how the economy can affect a relationship, and how to support each other. Start strengthening your bond with your partner today.Encontrar nuestra media naranja y vivir felices para siempre son dos objetivos que los seres humanos nos planteamos desde nuestra niñez.  ¡Ah!, pero algunas veces se presentan muchas interferencias que parecen empecinarse en impedir que mantengamos lo que tan imprescindible nos resulta: la relación de pareja, esa relación en la que buscamos satisfacer la necesidad de amar y sentirnos amados, disfrutar nuestra sexualidad,  compartir metas comunes, convivir en la cotidianidad, crecer en conjunto y bordar el futuro.  Esta interacción vital demanda que dediquemos nuestros esfuerzos a cultivarla y mejorarla continuamente. Ahí es donde entra esta obra que dos experimentadas psicoterapeutas ponen a tu disposición, con miras a ayudarte a crecer, primero como individuo, y después como integrante de una pareja. Para ello exponen diversos temas sustentados en reflexiones, ejercicios prácticos, experiencias vivenciales, casos terapéuticos y ejemplos ilustrativos.

Author Biography

María Elena Maroto is a therapist certified in Core Energetics, Gestalt, NLP, self-hypnosis, and reiki. She teaches at conferences, at workshops, and classes, specializing in emotions, stress management, conflict management, meditation, consciousness, and relationships. Sandra Haddad Lahud is a psychologist certified in Gestalt therapy and coaching and is the founder and director of Crecintegra. She is an educator on the topics of assertiveness, communication, emotional intelligence, conflict management, and leadership.