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Painting with Light
Painting with Light

Painting with Light

Lighting & Photoshop Techniques for Photographers


160 Pages, 7.5 x 10

Trade Paper, $29.95 (US $29.95) (CA $32.95)

Publication Date: August 2012

ISBN 9781608955046

Rights: WOR X UK, AU, ZA & IN

Amherst Media (Aug 2012)
Amherst Media, Inc.

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Revolutionary techniques for the amateur or professional photographer to create cutting-edge photos from simple subjects

Exploring techniques that will work with the materials that photographers already have on hand, the author designs images through thorough planning and creativity that depict his subjects in breathtaking and unexpected ways that would be impossible without the approach detailed in this photography guide. In addition to the inspiration of the artistry itself, photographers will learn how to push digital imaging to its extremes, taking full advantage of a potential that is largely underutilized. The book covers all the materials photographers should be familiar with and have on hand for their shoot and helps construct sessions that will often involve a full night of photography to create a single final image, and then explores the actual camera and lighting techniques used to produce images. Painting with light is a technique that allows photographers to work in areas with no, or very low, light and then either selectively apply “pops” of light to their subject and setting using a variety of different light sources and modifiers, orchestrate a sequence of light pops during a single long exposure, or—most commonly—create a lengthy sequence of digital captures with a single pop of light illuminating a specific feature of the scene in each. Because they are made without moving the camera, these images can then be combined in postproduction to provide the ultimate in creative control. The composites for several final images are included, showing how the individual captures are treated in Photoshop layers and seamlessly blended to create one highly refined final image.


"His way of painting with light is an artistic approach to photographing a variety of scenes and subjects that readers will find illuminate their imaginations." —Lou Jacobs Jr., author, Professional Portrait Photography and Studio Lighting

"Eric Curry took the simple idea of 'painting a subject with the light of flashlight' and took it past a new level to a height I could not even imagine. In addition to tremendous photographic and post production skills, he tells a story in one photograph that would take most people a book! His sense of space and composition are second to none." —Doug Box, director, Texas Professional Photographers Association

"The step-by-step & richly illustrated techniques show you how to master the skill of painting a subject(s) with light. The cover image will give you a very good idea of exactly what can be done with ANY subject matter." —

"An innovative and unique book." —

"An approachable how-to book regarding one of the most important aspects of photography--lighting, excellent for learning how to create your own style-- allowing you to further explore the depths of your images." —Rachel Richards, Portland Book Review

Author Biography

Eric Curry specializes in industrial photography and was trained in studio still life and special effects photography. He is the former owner of an advertising photography studio and now working on location for select clients and his personal work. He lives in Los Angeles.