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Optimal Healing
Optimal Healing

Optimal Healing

A Guide to Traditional Chinese Medicine


272 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: Mobipocket, PDF, EPUB

PDF, $16.95 (US $16.95) (CA $16.95)

Publication Date: September 2008

ISBN 9780979948480

Rights: WOR

Balance For Health Publishing (Sep 2008)
Balance for Health Publishing


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Eastern medicine for the Western reader

Reflecting training and experience in both Eastern and Western medicine, this reference uses a scientific perspective to shed light on the teaching and practices of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). In addition to examining the TCM approach to wellness and disease, the resource compares TCM to conventional Western approaches and shows the optimal way to integrate the two disciplines. A user-friendly survey includes a look into the meaning of liver fire, hot qi, and wet heat; offers advice on common complaints, among them how to avoid having bronchitis every winter, how to become asthma-free, and finding relief from back pain without drugs; provides answers to infertility that won’t break the bank; and addresses appropriate food choices for the individual.


"Dr. Tsang turns the spotlight on the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine and through the prism of her own Western medical training explains its virtues and limitations for both lay readers and fellow professionals. I highly recommend this book for anyone considering using or studying this important avenue to health." —Barbara Bishop, MD, chair, department of family medicine, California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco

Author Biography

Patricia Tsang, MD, received her MD from the University of California–San Francisco and studied traditional Chinese medicine at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has lectured widely to health care professionals and to the public on the subject of traditional Chinese medicine. She lives in San Francisco.