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On an Ebbing Seafoam Tide
On an Ebbing Seafoam Tide

On an Ebbing Seafoam Tide


128 Pages, 5.25 x 8

Formats: EPUB, Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $16.99 (US $16.99) (CA $21.99)

Publication Date: July 2023

ISBN 9781771682930

Rights: WOR

Central Avenue Publishing (Jul 2023)


eBook Editions Available

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Price: $16.99


Love, loss, witchcraft, avocado toast, and storming the patriarchy: an inclusive poetic perspective on millennial life. 
The ocean is one of the greatest metaphors: the ebb and flow of love and loss, the tumultuous emotions that roil beneath a blue-calm surface, the search for meaning in the endless horizons of sea and sky. On an Ebbing Seafoam Tide is a deep dive into reflections on the calms and tempests of everyday life.

Alannah Radburn’s poetry floats to the surface amidst the messy chaos of personal relationships and societal constructs, and comes together in a relatable perfect storm of practical wisdom. If you’ve ever felt like you were drowning in feelings or searching to find meaning in today’s turbulent times, you will find a lifeline in these poems.

Author Biography

Alannah Radburn lives with her partner and two guinea pigs in Gatineau, Quebec. She began writing poetry on Canada’s west coast, and although she is currently landlocked far from the ebbing tides of the Pacific that first inspired her, nature continues to be her muse. She has been published in multiple literary magazines, and firmly believes in the healing powers of human storytelling and the restorative effects of jasmine green tea.