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Older, Wiser, Fiercer
Older, Wiser, Fiercer

Older, Wiser, Fiercer

A Celebration of Wisdom and Experience



160 Pages, 5 x 8

Formats: Cloth

Cloth, $16.99 (US $16.99) (CA $22.99)

Publication Date: April 2024

ISBN 9781789295764

Rights: US & CA

Michael O'Mara Books (Apr 2024)
Michael O'Mara

Price: $16.99


Featuring wonderful affirmations and wisdom from brilliant women from all over the world, this funny and wise book will strike a chord with many women. It is a true celebration of the benefits that come with age.

True wisdom comes with age, the saying goes. Of course it does – and this book proves it.

Older, Wiser, Fiercer is a celebration of something that only women in their later decades know: how glorious, satisfying and FUN getting older can be. We’ve traveled a way down the path of life and we have picked up much experience along the way. Whatever it is, we’ve been there, rolled our eyes and moved on. We know who we are and we’ve realized that we like ourselves, for all our faults (hell, because of all our faults!).

Full of funny affirmations, tongue-in-cheek mantras and sage advice from trailblazing older women, from film stars to musicians, writers to politicians, this book will make you laugh out loud and nod in recognition. You’ll find reflections such as:

‘Never let anyone waste your time twice.’

‘If it involves fake smiling, then I’m not going.’

‘Tact means the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the journey.’

‘It’s OK if someone doesn’t like you. Many people have terrible taste.’

Along with quotes from the great and the good, such as:

'As a teenager, you are at the last stage in your life when you will be happy to hear that the phone is for you.'
- Fran Lebowitz

'The friend who holds your hand and says the wrong thing is made of dearer stuff than the one who stays away.'
- Barbara Kingsolver

'Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.'
- Oprah Winfrey

The young can keep their collagen and their self-doubt. Being older, wiser and fiercer is where it’s at.

Author Biography

Virginia Wilde is a London-based freelance editor and writer.