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O Humankind: Surah Ya-Sin
O Humankind: Surah Ya-Sin

O Humankind: Surah Ya-Sin


Fons Vitae Women's Spirituality


640 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $29.95 (CA $39.95) (US $29.95)

Publication Date: July 2022

ISBN 9786059901802

Rights: WOR X UK

Fons Vitae (Jul 2022)

Not Yet Published. Estimated release date: July 2022


Contemporary female Sufi teacher Cemalnur Sargut has a unique ability to take us to the heart, and into the heart of the Qur'an. Her book "O Humankind," translated for the first time into English, is an elaborate commentary on the Chapter Ya-Sin, the heart of the Quran, about the inner meanings of each verse. In it, she draws on the insights of classical Muslim sages, commentaries, Rumi, Ibn 'Arabi, and others. The Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s.) summarized Chapter Ya-Sin with the following noble hadith: "Everything has a heart. The heart of the Quran is Chapter Ya-Sin."


"Cemalnur's popularity in Turkey easily ranks her as the most prominent female religious figure in contemporary Turkey, one that is frequently and accurately compared with that of Oprah in the recent American landscape. She is increasingly being featured on the global scene of leading Sufi teachers. There is little doubt that if her writings had been in Arabic (or English!) rather than Turkish, we would have already had many dissertations on her. All of us are indebted to Fons Vitae for sharing the luminous insights of this powerful and original transmission. And thanks to Victoria Holbrook who has done the almost impossible of weaving together the often ornate expression of texts from the thousand years' network of the modern and Ottoman Turkish, Persian and Arabic Islamic tradition." —Omid Safi, Duke University

Author Biography

As a female Sufi teacher, Cemalnur Sargut commands a loyal and active worldwide following, especially in Turkey. Her career as a scholar and Sufi leader represents an important case study in the dynamics of contemporary global Sufism. This volume represents the first text in English translation that brings together some of her major discourses and teachings as presented to her students through the genre of oral discourses. More specifically, the discourses that form the core of this book were collected through oral interviews with Cemalnur conducted by her students as part of a weekly program. Victoria Rowe Holbrook teaches philosophy in the Faculty of Architecture at Istanbul Bilgi University. She is a graduate of Harvard and Princeton and a Mellon Fellow. She founded the program in Ottoman and Modern Turkish Literary and Cultural studies at the Ohio State University. She is the author of The Unreadable Shores of Love: Turkish Modernity and Mystic Romance, dozens of articles on literature and philosophy, and translations including The White Castle by Nobel winner Orhan Pamuk, Beauty and Love by Seyh Galip, and Commentary on the Spiritual Couplets of Mevlana Rumi by Kenan Rifai.