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Nextone Inc

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Titles Found: 9
A Week at Surfside Beach
A Week at Surfside Beach (2 Formats) >
By Pierce Koslosky Jr

Trade Paper ISBN 9781952019005

Trade Paper Price 14.99

Trade Paper, EPUB

Authentic >
By Paul Van Doren

ISBN 9781641120241

Price 29.99


Building a Better Runner
Building a Better Runner (2 Formats) >
By Terry Hamlin, Foreword by Bill Rodgers

Trade Paper ISBN 9781641120142

Trade Paper Price 21.99

Trade Paper, EPUB

Ordinary Love
Ordinary Love >
By Morgan Barber, Illustrated by Teil Duncan

ISBN 9781641116084

Price 15.99

Hardcover Picture Book

The Color Teil
The Color Teil >
By Teil Duncan

ISBN 9781641120159

Price 68.00


The FinancialVerse
The FinancialVerse (2 Formats) >
By Harry Stout

Trade Paper ISBN 9781641120180

Trade Paper Price 16.95

Trade Paper, EPUB

The Human Condition
The Human Condition >
By William Voxman

ISBN 9781641120234

Price 39.99


The National Trails System
The National Trails System >
By Steve Elkinton

ISBN 9781641120197

Price 26.99

Trade Paper

This is Not a Fashion Story
This is Not a Fashion Story (2 Formats) >
By Danielle Bernstein, With Emily Siegel

Cloth ISBN 9781641120173

Cloth Price 25.99

Cloth, EPUB