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New in Fall 2016: Books Featured in Booklist!

The Opioid-Free Pain Relief Kit
The Opioid-Free Pain Relief Kit >
By Beth Darnall
Price 9.95
Hey, That's MY Monster!
Hey, That's MY Monster! >
By Amanda Noll, Illustrated by Howard McWilliam
Price 17.95
By Peter Simeti, Illustrated by Kevin Christensen
Price 17.99
IF Anthology: Super Powers
IF Anthology: Super Powers >
By Jeremy Massie, Illustrated by Michael Oppenheimer, By Peter Simeti, By Chas! Pangburn
Price 14.99
Alterna AnniverSERIES Anthology
Alterna AnniverSERIES Anthology >
By Michael S Bracco, By Jeremy Massie, By Jeff McComsey, By Peter Simeti, Illustrated by Hank Tucker
Price 19.99
Spot 12
Spot 12 >
By Jenny Jaeckel
Price 19.95
Blue and Red Make Purple
Blue and Red Make Purple >
Illustrated by Steve Adams, By Jennifer Gasoi
Price 16.95