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MAY 2022

My Shadow Is Purple
My Shadow Is Purple >
By Scott Stuart
Price 16.99
Letters To My Weird Sisters
Letters To My Weird Sisters >
By Joanne Limburg
Price 24.95
Be Drag Fabulous
Be Drag Fabulous >
By Katie Mockridge
Price 16.95
The Rabbit Factor
The Rabbit Factor >
By Antti Tuomainen, Translated by David Hackston
Price 15.95
Mixed Feelings
Mixed Feelings >
By Abraham Rodriguez
Price 16.99
The Lawless Land
The Lawless Land >
By Boyd Morrison, By Beth Morrison
Price 29.95
The Real Hank Aaron
The Real Hank Aaron >
By Terence Moore
Price 28.00
The Set-Up
The Set-Up >
By Joseph Moncure March, By Erik Kriek
Price 29.95
In Scoring Position
In Scoring Position >
By Bob Ryan, By Bill Chuck
Price 28.00
Shrimp ‘n Lobster: A New England Adventure
Shrimp ‘n Lobster: A New England Adventure >
By Charlotte Rygh, Illustrated by Charlotte Rygh
Price 14.95
Planet Banksy
Planet Banksy >
By Alan KET
Price 16.95
Letterheads >
By Maree Coote
Price 24.95
Ostro >
By Julia Busuttil Nishimura
Price 34.95
Funny Food
Funny Food >
By Jane Reynolds
Price 14.95
The House of Marvellous Books
The House of Marvellous Books >
By Fiona Vigo Marshall
Price 24.95
The Cycling Revolution
The Cycling Revolution >
By Patrick Field, Illustrated by Harry Goldhawk
Price 12.95
The Windowsill Gardener
The Windowsill Gardener >
Illustrated by Annie Davidson, By Liz Marvin
Price 16.95
Under Her Skin
Under Her Skin >
Edited by Toni Miller, Edited by Lindy Ryan, Foreword by Linda D. Addison, Illustrated by Marge Simon
Price 14.95
Muggsy >
By Muggsy Bogues, By Jake Uitti, Foreword by Alonzo Mourning, Foreword by Stephen Curry
Price 28.00
The Best of World SF: Volume 1
The Best of World SF: Volume 1 >
By Lavie Tidhar
Price 16.95
Green Living Made Easy
Green Living Made Easy >
By Nancy Birtwhistle
Price 22.95
Tag! You're It
Tag! You're It >
By Jannesy DeLeon
Price 16.99
Noodles, Please!
Noodles, Please! >
By Cheryl Chepusova, Illustrated by Rebecca Hollingsworth
Price 12.95
Let’s Make a Contract
Let’s Make a Contract >
By Jill C. Dardig, By William L. Heward
Price 19.95
How To Save Our Planet
How To Save Our Planet >
By Mark A. Maslin
Price 15.95
1-Minute Gardener
1-Minute Gardener >
By Fabian Capomolla, By Mat Pember
Price 22.95
5-Minute Brain Games for Clever Kids®
5-Minute Brain Games for Clever Kids® >
By Gareth Moore, Illustrated by Chris Dickason
Price 8.99
The ABCs of Women in Music
The ABCs of Women in Music >
By Anneli Loepp Thiessen, Illustrated by Haeon Grace Kang
Price 18.95
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer >
By Mark Twain
Price 15.95
The Air War
The Air War >
By Adrian Tchaikovsky
Price 15.95
Animal Allies
Animal Allies >
By Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan
Price 16.99
Animal Jokes for Funny Kids
Animal Jokes for Funny Kids >
Illustrated by Andrew Pinder, By Josephine Southon
Price 8.99
Antlers of Bone
Antlers of Bone >
By Taylor Denton
Price 19.99
The Art of the Glimpse
The Art of the Glimpse >
Edited by Sinead Gleeson
Awakening >
By Lucy A. McLaren
Price 16.95
Baby Animals First Opposites Book
Baby Animals First Opposites Book >
By Alexandra Claire
Price 8.95
Ballad of a Happy Immigrant
Ballad of a Happy Immigrant >
By Leonardo Boix
Price 14.95
Beneath >
By Madelyn Rose Glosny
Price 19.95
Black No More
Black No More >
By George S Schuyler
Price 17.95
City of Vengeance
City of Vengeance >
By D. V. Bishop
Price 15.95
Clark the Colorblind Chameleon
Clark the Colorblind Chameleon >
By Asha Hossain, By Anita K. Newman
Price 17.95
Cold Boy's Wood
Cold Boy's Wood >
By Carol Birch
Price 15.95
Confessions of a Forty-Something F**k Up
Confessions of a Forty-Something F**k Up >
By Alexandra Potter
Price 15.95
A Convergence of Solitudes
A Convergence of Solitudes >
By Anita Anand
Price 20.00
Cuddles and Snuggles
Cuddles and Snuggles >
By Jamie French, Illustrated by Dubravka Kolanovic
Price 8.99
Dance Among the Flames
Dance Among the Flames >
By Tori Eldridge
Price 19.99
Dancing By The Light of The Moon
Dancing By The Light of The Moon >
By Gyles Brandreth
Price 22.95
Dark Factory
Dark Factory >
By kathe koja
Price 17.95
Disappeared >
By Bonnar Spring
Price 27.95
Disc of the Sun
Disc of the Sun >
By Jerilyn Mirpol
Price 20.00
Disney Manga: Descendants - Mal's Royal Challenge
Disney Manga: Descendants - Mal's Royal Challenge >
Illustrated by Natsuki Minami, By Jason Muell
Price 15.99
Doom Town
Doom Town >
By Gabriel Blackwell
Price 14.00
Down to the River
Down to the River >
By Anne Whitney Pierce
Price 19.95
Emma: Sticker Storytime
Emma: Sticker Storytime >
By TheWiggles
Price 7.99
Epitaphs for Underdogs
Epitaphs for Underdogs >
By Andrew Szepessy
Price 19.95
Escape Route
Escape Route >
By Elan Barnehama
Price 19.99
Exit Strategy
Exit Strategy >
By Linda L. Richards
Price 27.95
A Family Affair
A Family Affair >
By Julie Houston
Price 16.95
Fields of Gold
Fields of Gold >
By Fiona McIntosh
Price 16.95
The Final Days of EMI
The Final Days of EMI >
By Eamonn Forde
Price 14.99
Fire Walk With Me
Fire Walk With Me >
By Scott Ryan, Foreword by Jeff Jensen
Price 22.99
Flights of Fancy
Flights of Fancy >
By Richard Dawkins, Illustrated by Jana Lenzova
Price 39.95
The Formulation of Zack Sender
The Formulation of Zack Sender >
By Aaron Grinhaus
Price 19.95
Game of Hearts
Game of Hearts >
By Katy Moran
Price 15.95
The Green Planet
The Green Planet >
By Simon Barnes
Price 50.00
Hear Me Out
Hear Me Out >
By Sarah Harding
Price 17.95
Heart Rooted in Sky
Heart Rooted in Sky >
By Sarah Pierroz
Price 17.95
The Heeding
The Heeding >
By Rob Cowen, Illustrated by Nick Hayes
Price 22.95
A History of Touch
A History of Touch >
By Erin Vance
Price 17.95
How to Think Like a Philosopher
How to Think Like a Philosopher >
By Daniel Smith
Price 12.95
In the Lonely Backwater
In the Lonely Backwater >
By Valerie Nieman
Price 18.95
Initial Coordinates
Initial Coordinates >
Translated by Marina Veverec, By Monika Herceg
Price 16.95
The Invocation of Presence
The Invocation of Presence >
By E. J. Gold
Price 16.95
Jane Eyre
Jane Eyre >
By Charlotte Bronte
Price 17.95
Journey to the Parallels
Journey to the Parallels >
By Marcie Roman
Price 15.95
Kora Kerplunk's Travelling Tongue
Kora Kerplunk's Travelling Tongue >
Illustrated by Peter Olczyk, By Emily Smith
Price 16.99
Kuma-Kuma Chan, the Little Bear
Kuma-Kuma Chan, the Little Bear >
By Kazue Takahashi
Price 13.99
Kuma-Kuma Chan's Home
Kuma-Kuma Chan's Home >
By Kazue Takahashi
Price 13.99
The Language of Cat
The Language of Cat >
By Rachel Rooney
Price 13.99
Languages Are Good For Us
Languages Are Good For Us >
By Sophie Hardach
Price 16.95
The Last Summer
The Last Summer >
By Karen Swan
Price 24.95
The Library
The Library >
By Bella Osborne
Price 15.95
The Life of Charlotte Bronte
The Life of Charlotte Bronte >
By Elizabeth Gaskell
Price 15.95
Little Indians
Little Indians >
By Pika Nani
Price 12.99
Little Whale
Little Whale >
By Dan Crisp, Illustrated by Maaike Boot
Price 7.99
Little Zebra
Little Zebra >
By Dan Crisp, Illustrated by Maaike Boot
Price 7.99
London's River Folk Tales for Children
London's River Folk Tales for Children >
By Anne Johnson, By Sef Townsend
Price 16.95
Love in a Time of War
Love in a Time of War >
By Lara Marlowe
Price 29.95
Loved Clothes Last
Loved Clothes Last >
By Orsola de Castro
Price 17.95
Lulu the Magnificent
Lulu the Magnificent >
By Taylor Krumm
Price 17.99
Made with Love
Made with Love >
By Kids in the Kitchen
Price 22.95
Make Brilliant Work
Make Brilliant Work >
By Rod Judkins
Price 26.95
Make Your Own Party
Make Your Own Party >
By Kelli Lewton, Other Kevin Miller
Price 35.00
Murder by the Bottle
Murder by the Bottle >
By Ed Whitfield
Price 15.95
Musings on the Moon
Musings on the Moon >
By Flo-Jo (Florence Lim), Illustrated by Rex Lee
Price 19.99
My Planet Earth Activity Book
My Planet Earth Activity Book >
By Imogen Currell-Williams
Price 14.99
My Sh*t Therapist
My Sh*t Therapist >
By Michelle Thomas
Price 15.95
The Narrow Cabinet
The Narrow Cabinet >
By Asa Boxer
Price 17.95
Nine Tenths
Nine Tenths >
By Jeff Macfee
Price 16.99
No Wake Zone
No Wake Zone >
By Amanda Lamb
Price 14.99
Oak >
By Katharine Towers
Price 18.95
On The Line
On The Line >
By Joseph Ponthus, Translated by Stephanie Smee
Price 16.95
One Bad Thing
One Bad Thing >
By M Hill
Price 29.95
One Pot Vegan
One Pot Vegan >
By Roxy Pope
Price 34.95
Paradox Lake
Paradox Lake >
By Vincent Zandri
Price 16.00
Princess Benjamina Has a Very Cheeky Bum
Princess Benjamina Has a Very Cheeky Bum >
By Claire Hooper, Illustrated by Jackie Nguyen
Price 17.99
Radio Siga
Radio Siga >
Translated by Matthew Robinson, By Ivan Vidak
Price 19.95
Robot >
By Adam Snerg
Price 17.95
Sally on the Rocks
Sally on the Rocks >
By Winifred Boggs
Price 16.95
Scandalous Alchemy
Scandalous Alchemy >
By Katy Moran
Price 15.95
A Selection of Short Stories
A Selection of Short Stories >
By Edgar Allan Poe
Price 14.95
Shaping the World
Shaping the World >
Edited by Liz Brownlee
Price 11.99
Shockingly Good Stories
Shockingly Good Stories >
By R A Spratt
Price 19.95
A Song to Keep
A Song to Keep >
By Olivia Findlay, Illustrated by Domenica de Ferranti
Price 16.95
The Spanish House
The Spanish House >
By Cherry Radford
Price 15.95
The Star-Nosed Mole
The Star-Nosed Mole >
By Isabel Bannerman
Price 27.95
Supernatural Shakespeare
Supernatural Shakespeare >
By J. Snodgrass
Price 19.95
The Taken Girls
The Taken Girls >
By Glenn Cooper
Price 15.95
The Breaker
The Breaker >
By Nick Petrie
The Hitmen
The Hitmen >
By Stephen Breen
Price 19.95
The Icarus Mind
The Icarus Mind >
By J. Royce Lockwood
Price 17.95
The Leeter Spiaking Singlish
The Leeter Spiaking Singlish >
By Gwee Li Sui
Price 15.95
The Little Singapore Cookbook
The Little Singapore Cookbook >
By Wendy Hutton
Price 19.95
The Officer Girl in Blue
The Officer Girl in Blue >
By Fenella J Miller
Price 15.95
The Silence of Scheherazade
The Silence of Scheherazade >
By Defne Suman
Price 15.95
The Universal Zoo
The Universal Zoo >
By Neal Zetter, Illustrated by Will Hughes
Price 13.99
Throw Me to the Wolves
Throw Me to the Wolves >
By Lindy Ryan, By Christopher Brooke
Price 17.95
Tomorrow, Make Me Yours
Tomorrow, Make Me Yours >
By Kaoruko Miyama
Price 13.99
Too Many Tickles!
Too Many Tickles! >
By Thomas Taylor, Illustrated by Penny Dann
Price 10.99
Voices of Navajo Mothers and Daughters
Voices of Navajo Mothers and Daughters >
By Kathy Eckles Hooker
Price 37.95
War Master's Gate
War Master's Gate >
By Adrian Tchaikovsky
Price 15.95
Way of the Argosi
Way of the Argosi >
By Sebastien De Castell
Price 15.99
We Can Do Better Than This
We Can Do Better Than This >
By Beth Ditto, By Owen Jones, By Olly Alexander
Price 27.95
Which Way?
Which Way? >
By Theodora Benson
Price 16.95
Wicked By Design
Wicked By Design >
By Katy Moran
Price 15.95
Wiggly Australia Sticker Book
Wiggly Australia Sticker Book >
By TheWiggles
Price 6.99
Wild Fruits, Berries, Nuts & Flowers
Wild Fruits, Berries, Nuts & Flowers >
By B. James, Foreword by Barbara Segall
Price 16.95
A Word a Day
A Word a Day >
By Joseph Piercy
Price 13.95