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New & Upcoming Releases: August 2021

Beethoven >
By Anne Pimlott Baker
Price 18.95
Harry >
By Danny White
Price 24.95
Lowitja >
By Sutart Rintoul
Price 32.95
Find Your Flow
Find Your Flow >
By Sushma Sagar
Price 17.95
Magnolia Kitchen Design
Magnolia Kitchen Design >
By Bets Gee
Price 42.95
The Philosophy of Cheese
The Philosophy of Cheese >
By Patrick McGuigan
Price 16.95
Screenprinting on Textiles
Screenprinting on Textiles >
By Sue Westergaard
Price 55.00
The Best Most Awful Job
The Best Most Awful Job >
Edited by Katherine May
Price 22.95
The Fairlight Book of Short Stories
The Fairlight Book of Short Stories >
Edited by Urška Vidoni, Edited by Laura Shanahan
Price 15.95
The Turn of the Screw
The Turn of the Screw >
By Henry James
Price 15.95
The Prophet
The Prophet >
By Kahlil Gibran
Price 12.95
The Quiet Music of Gently Falling Snow
The Quiet Music of Gently Falling Snow >
Illustrated by Jackie Morris
Price 24.95
Bloodroot >
By Daniel V. Meier, Jr.
Price 18.95
Valhalla >
By Alan Robert Clark
Price 24.95
Chill Tidings
Chill Tidings >
Edited by Tanya Kirk
Price 15.95
The Cat and The City
The Cat and The City >
By Nick Bradley
Price 15.95
The Ghost Tree
The Ghost Tree >
By M.R.C. Kasasian
Price 15.95
Date with Deceit
Date with Deceit >
By Julia Chapman
Price 15.95
The Hidden Wife
The Hidden Wife >
By Joanna Rees
Price 16.95
Lost Paradise
Lost Paradise >
By Elizabeth Drayson
Price 35.00
A Small Island
A Small Island >
By Philip Parker
Price 32.95
Green Cleaning
Green Cleaning >
By Alisa Mayne
Price 13.95
Small >
By Natalie Ann Holborow
Price 11.99
Open >
By Johan Norberg
Price 16.95
Happy Planning
Happy Planning >
By Charlotte Plain
Price 24.95
The Cabin in the Mountains
The Cabin in the Mountains >
By Robert Ferguson
Price 16.95
Wings of Change
Wings of Change >
By Karan Tejwani
Price 19.95
The Auto Biography of the Beetle
The Auto Biography of the Beetle >
By Jon Stroud
Price 24.95
Yeats Now
Yeats Now >
By Joseph M. Hassett
Price 21.95
Planning for an Ageing Society
Planning for an Ageing Society >
By Rose Gilroy
Price 59.99
Bad Scene
Bad Scene >
By Max Tomlinson
Price 26.95
Coffee Break Crosswords: Book 4
Coffee Break Crosswords: Book 4 >
By Collins Puzzles
Price 9.95
Coffee Break Su Doku Book 4
Coffee Break Su Doku Book 4 >
By Collins Puzzles
Price 9.95
Coffee Break Wordsearches Book 4
Coffee Break Wordsearches Book 4 >
By Collins Puzzles
Price 9.95
Patriarchy of the Wage
Patriarchy of the Wage >
By Silvia Federici
Price 15.00
Counterpoints >
By Anti-Eviction Mapping Project Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, Foreword by Chris Carlsson, Foreword by Ananya Roy
Price 34.95
The Midas Game
The Midas Game >
By Abi Morgan
Price 16.95
Fate's Attraction
Fate's Attraction >
By Dirk Greyson
Price 9.99
Modern Home Winemaking
Modern Home Winemaking >
By Daniel Pambianchi
Price 24.95
Olmsted's Elmwood
Olmsted's Elmwood >
By Clinton E. Brown, By Ramona Pando Whitaker
Price 29.95
The End of the World is Flat
The End of the World is Flat >
By Simon Edge
Price 15.95
Pioneers of the Game
Pioneers of the Game >
By Marshall Happer
Price 44.00
Paperclip >
By Seb Doubinsky
Price 14.95
Fire and Vengeance
Fire and Vengeance >
By Robert McCaw
Price 16.00
Faster >
By Alex Schuler, By Michael J Howson
Price 18.95
Eat Cake for Breakfast
Eat Cake for Breakfast >
By Viola Sutano, Illustrated by Viola Sutanto
Price 14.95
Echoes From The Set Volume II (1967- 1977) Shadows From the Underground
Echoes From The Set Volume II (1967- 1977) Shadows From the Underground >
By Katherine Wilson, Foreword by Steven Rust
Price 29.95
The Twins
The Twins >
By Linda McGregor
Price 19.95
Will Chase, “The Sioux Lands”
Will Chase, “The Sioux Lands” >
By Robert Lee Primeaux
Price 14.95
You’re Not Alone
You’re Not Alone >
By Michelle Dana Mason Fulton
Price 19.95