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New & Upcoming Releases

A Little Less of a Hot Mess
A Little Less of a Hot Mess >
By Kaitlin Soule
Price 18.95
A Day at the Gallery
A Day at the Gallery >
By Nia Gould
Price 17.99
Cold as Hell
Cold as Hell >
By Lilja Sigurdardottir, Translated by Quentin Bates
Price 15.95
Yes Yes More More
Yes Yes More More >
By Anna Wood
Price 18.95
The Tenderest of Strings
The Tenderest of Strings >
By Steven Schwartz
Price 18.95
Queer Life, Queer Love
Queer Life, Queer Love >
Edited by Golnoosh Nour, Edited by Sarah Beal, Edited by Kate Beal
Price 15.95
Treachery Times Two
Treachery Times Two >
By Robert McCaw
Price 27.95
The Future of You
The Future of You >
By Tracey Follows
Price 24.95
Colorful Boston - Explore & Color
Colorful Boston - Explore & Color >
By Laura Lahm
Price 14.95
Sh!thouse >
By Lauren Dollie Duke
Price 17.99
Out Front the Following Sea
Out Front the Following Sea >
By Leah Angstman
Price 19.95
Letters from Attica
Letters from Attica >
By Sam Melville, Edited by Joshua Melville
Price 19.99
The Other Ones
The Other Ones >
By Dave Housley
Price 19.99
B is for Bagel
B is for Bagel >
By Rachel Teichman, Photographs by Rebecca Wright
Price 15.95
Baby Animals First Colors Book
Baby Animals First Colors Book >
By Alexandra Claire
Price 8.95
Being Essential
Being Essential >
By Dain Dunston
Price 16.99
Champagne for One
Champagne for One >
By Rebekah Iliff-Weaver, Illustrated by Holly Maher
Price 16.95
Discover Her Art
Discover Her Art >
By Jean Leibowitz, By Lisa Rogers
Price 19.99
Embrace the Work, Love Your Career
Embrace the Work, Love Your Career >
By Fran Hauser
Price 19.95
Enamel the Camel
Enamel the Camel >
By Mike King, Illustrated by Rick Ellis
Price 16.95
Call Me Esteban
Call Me Esteban >
By Lejla Kalamujic, Translated by Jennifer Zoble
Price 14.95
Divine Child
Divine Child >
Translated by Will Firth, By Tatjana Gromaca
Price 18.95
Erringby >
By Gill Darling
Price 15.95
Heart of Atlanta
Heart of Atlanta >
By Ronnie Greene
Price 28.99
The Last Professional
The Last Professional >
By Ed Davis, Illustrated by Colin Elgie
Price 15.95
The Ruthless
The Ruthless >
By David Putnam
Price 16.00
Hold My Place
Hold My Place >
By Cassondra Windwalker
Price 15.95
with/holding >
By Chantal Gibson
Price 15.00
Breath, Like Water
Breath, Like Water >
By Norah Bowman
Price 13.00
The Answer to Everything
The Answer to Everything >
Edited by Jordan Scott, Edited by Rob Budde, By Ken Belford, Edited by Si Transken
Price 22.00
The Interpreter from Java
The Interpreter from Java >
By Alfred Birney
Price 16.95
Black Reed Bay
Black Reed Bay >
By Rod Reynolds
Price 15.95
A View of Stars
A View of Stars >
Edited by Anitha Devi Pillai, Edited by Felix Cheong
Price 18.95
RuPaul's Drag Race UK Yearbook 2022
RuPaul's Drag Race UK Yearbook 2022 >
By Christian Guiltenane
Price 28.95
Andrei Tarkovsky
Andrei Tarkovsky >
By Sean Martin
Price 24.95
The Cauliflower Cookbook
The Cauliflower Cookbook >
By Heather Thomas
Price 19.95
The Plant-Based Power Plan
The Plant-Based Power Plan >
By TJ Waterfall
Price 28.95
The Regency Colouring Book
The Regency Colouring Book >
By Amy Jane Adams
Price 16.95
First Men on the Moon
First Men on the Moon >
By Emilie Dufresne
Price 19.99
Marie and Pierre Curie
Marie and Pierre Curie >
By Emilie Dufresne
Price 19.99