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Diablo guardián
Diablo guardián By Xavier Velasco

When a fifteen-year-old girl flees her home in Mexico for New York City, steals a million dollars from her parents, changes her name to Violetta, starts speaking English, dyes her hair blonde, and learns to take off her clothes for money, she survives through manipulation. However, she soon meets her match with the nefarious Nefastofeles, and her life takes a sharp turn for the worst. With the help of her "Guardian Devil" named Pig, Violetta just might learn a thing or two about really living.  Violetta es un personaje irritante y cautivador, que probablemente revolverá las vísceras a más de un lector... su creador ha cumplido el sueño de todo buen novelista: condensar en un personaje el espíritu de una época. —Enrique Serna, Letras Libres Soy el cordero que le saca lo cerdo al buen pastor, pero también lo buen pastor al cerdo. ¿No te parece lógico que a mi Diablo Guardián le digan Pig? Huyó de casa: pasó a llamarse Violetta, se puso a hablar inglés, dejó de ser rubia, renegó de la insaciable clase media, aprendió a desnudarse por dinero, robó cien mil dólares a sus padres y aterrizó en Nueva York para vivir el sueño mal habido. Nada mal para una dulce quinceañera. Pero como gastar dinero es mejor que contarlo, la estafadora en serie termina en el hocico seductor de Nefastófeles, y vive su forzada vuelta a México como clavado en un pozo sin fondo. Hasta que se topa con Pig, publicista con vuelos de poeta, que hará de su diablo de la guarda cuando no queden ángeles que le quieran cuidar un solo centímetro de las espaldas.
The Absolved
The Absolved By Matthew Binder

It's 2036. Henri is a wealthy physician, husband, father, and serial philanderer. He is also one of the relatively few people to still have a job. Automation and other technological advances have led to unemployment so severe that many people are no longer expected to work and are now known as The Absolved. Meanwhile, it's election season, and a candidate from a radical fringe party called the Luddites is calling for an end to the Divine Rights of Machines. After Henri is displaced from his job, two Luddite sympathizers—whom Henri has befriended at his local bar—frame him for an anti-technology terrorist act. The prospect of Henri's salvation comes at the cost of foregoing his guiding principles in life. This new vision for the world, after all, just might prove better than the technological advancements that, paradoxically, have left humanity out in the cold.
Death of an Eye
Death of an Eye By Dana Stabenow

A historical series debut from the author of the Edgar-award winning Kate Shugak novels. Alexandria, 47BCE: Cleopatra shares the throne with her brother Ptolemy under the auspices of Julius Caesar, by whom Cleopatra is heavily pregnant with child. A shipment of new coin meant to reset the shaky Egyptian economy has been stolen, the Queen's Eye has been murdered and Queen Cleopatra turns to childhood friend Tetisheri to find the missing shipment and bring the murderer to justice.

A historical series debut from the author of the Edgar-award winning Kate Shugak novels

Alexandria, 47BCE: Cleopatra shares the throne with her brother Ptolemy under the auspices of Julius Caesar, by whom Cleopatra is heavily pregnant with child. A shipment of new coin meant to reset the shaky Egyptian economy has been stolen, the Queen's Eye has been murdered and Queen Cleopatra turns to childhood friend Tetisheri to find the missing shipment and bring the murderer to justice.A historical series debut from the author of the Edgar-award winning Kate Shugak novels
Alexandria, 47BCE: Cleopatra shares the throne with her brother Ptolemy under the auspices of Julius Caesar, by whom Cleopatra is heavily pregnant with child. A shipment of new coin meant to reset the shaky Egyptian economy has been stolen, the Queen's Eye has been murdered and Queen Cleopatra turns to childhood friend Tetisheri to find the missing shipment and bring the murderer to justice.
66 on 66
66 on 66 Photographs By Terrence Moore, Foreword by Michael Wallis

A must-have volume for collectors, history buffs, students of Americana, automotive fans, and anyone interested in the "highway that's the best." As the highway that helped open up the West to millions of travelers since its construction in the 1930s, Rte. 66 is an iconic road that epitomizes automotive history and culture, and has been celebrated in story, song, films, etc. Justly known as "The Mother Road," this highway became the vital path for travelers, tourists and fortune-seekers who followed the allure of the West. However, after the advent of the superhighway and the Interstate system of the 1950s that fueled America's thirst for high-speed travel, Rte. 66 gradually fell out of use over the years, leaving behind fascinating relics of a bygone era--roadside attractions, marvelous kitsch, storefronts, billboards and signage, particularly the great neon artifacts that still light up the night along the highway. Terrence Moore has loved and traveled and photographed this road since his teens when he first drove it with his parents in the 1960s. Having covered this subject for over 40 years as a professional photographer, he has had his images collected in dozens of calendars and published in numerous publications--yet never before in a book form. 66 on 66 is a collection of 66 of his finest images culled from the thousands he has made over the years, using 35mm color film. The resulting volume is a loving and visually stunning chronicle of this storied road in all the states from Missouri to California in vibrant color that is certain to be a treasured volume for collectors, history buffs, fans and students of Americana, automotive fans and anyone interested in the "highway that's the best."
The Capture of Black Bart
The Capture of Black Bart By Norman H. Finkelstein

A fast-paced, Old West adventure story that will appeal to all middle graders, especially reluctant readers. Black Bart was not the Old West's only stagecoach robber, but he was the most famous. To many people, he was a folk hero: a robber who didn't threaten or harm passengers. He was a bandit with a sense of humor who wrote poetry. In robbing at least 28 Wells Fargo stagecoaches across Northern California between 1875 and 1883, he never fired a shot or injured anyone. His gun, it turned out, was never loaded. Newspaper stories about the poet robber's exploits and about Jim Hume, the unyielding chief detective of Wells Fargo, became popular reading throughout the West. Black Bart seemed to enjoy the chase. During one robbery the driver told him, "They'll catch you one of these days." Bart answered, "Perhaps, but in the meantime, give my regards to J. B. Hume, will you?" For eight years, each new robbery—and each new story—made Hume even more determined to track him down.
Finding a Dove for Gramps
Finding a Dove for Gramps By Lisa J. Amstutz, Illustrated by Maria Luisa Gravio

A heart-warming story about nature, birds, and a family tradition. A boy and his mom continue the family tradition of participating in the annual bird count. Since Gramps went South for the winter, the boy hopes to spot Gramps's favorite bird for him—a dove! But with so many different birds in the nature preserve, will he be able to spot one? This heart-warming family story about nature celebrates a holiday census that was first started in 1900 and happens every year.
Fridays with Bill
Fridays with Bill By John Powers

Revealing the side of this NFL icon's personality that the public rarely sees. Bill Belichick is a different man on Fridays. With preparations for Sunday's game essentially complete, and the media presence reduced to those regulars Belichick calls the "Friday Warriors," the normally terse coach is known to open up in provocative, entertaining, and expansive fashion. Fridays With Bill provides a rare glimpse inside one of history's greatest football minds, featuring insights and musings from the man who has won five Super Bowl championships and who is destined for the Hall of Fame. This is Belichick at his most relaxed, profoundly philosophic and often puckish, with topics ranging from his preference for left-footed punters to his struggles with technology to his favorite Halloween candy. Covering themes of communication, decision making, technology, and more, this curated collection of wit and wisdom is an indispensable read for Patriots fans and all those who love the game.
The Beatles in Comics!
The Beatles in Comics! By - Gaet's, By Michels Mabel

A gorgeously illustrated collectible for Beatles fans or music history buffs. This volume explores the complete illustrated story of the Beatles from their formation, through the Beatlemania phenomenon, all the way through their breakup. Readers see how the band evolved and amplifed the uproar of the sixties, became politically and socially active, and achieved a lasting impact unparalleled in pop music. Chapters combine text and comics for complete information presented in a fun way.
Out of the Dog House
Out of the Dog House By Dick Portillo, By Don Yaeger

In 1963, Dick Portillo built a 6' x 12' trailer with no running water or bathroom and opened a simple hot dog stand in Villa Park, Illinois. He called it "The Dog House." More than 50 years and 50 locations later, his namesake Portillo's restaurants are a Windy City institution, famous for perfect, Chicago-style dogs. In Out of the Dog House, Portillo tells the incredible story of his life, sharing the ingenuity and hard-earned wisdom that went into building a beloved restaurant chain. From a modest childhood as the son of Greek and Mexican immigrants, to the core principles that became essential in growing a national business, this is a singular, at times surprising, tale of how one man crafted his own American dream, one hot dog at a time.
Lovely Seeds
Lovely Seeds By R. H. Swaney

Capturing the appeal of contemporary poetry with strong audiences on social media, this debut boasts a gentle, moving voice that appeals to readers of all ages, genders, and social backgrounds. R. H. Swaney brings a depolarizing voice to the poetry world with this debut collection. Amongst the topics of mental health, self-love, and social progress, readers will find a soft but powerful voice that uncovers the beauty that exists inside of all of us.  Examining life and its circle from seed to withering to regrowth, the thought-provoking nature of this collection will bring readers to a place of self-exploration, reflection, and a deeper understanding of their place in the world.
Biographic Coco
Biographic Coco By Sophie Collins

Many people know that Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel (1883–1971) was a prolific French fashion designer and founder of the House of Chanel, who ruled over Parisian haute couture for almost six decades. What, perhaps, they don't know is that, she was taught to sew by nuns and started Chanel by making hats; that she lived in a suite at the Ritz Hotel, Paris, for 37 years; that, in 1935, she was recognized as the world's wealthiest woman; and that, prior to her fashion career, she worked as a singer, famously gaining the nickname "Coco" from one of her songs. 
All the Lonely People
All the Lonely People By Barry Callaghan, Preface By Margaret Atwood

Callaghan's writing is wide ranging but often takes on the perspective of a marginalized individual's view of the human experience. These tales are told in a variety of voices: street hustlers, priests, blues singers, Holocaust survivors, cross-dressers, paramilitary snipers, even those we may euphemistically consider the "ordinary"—all of them authentic, and all would subscribe to the maxim that "happiness is overrated." The dialogue is true to speech as it is spoken, shot through with humour, piercing sadness and puzzling beauty.
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star Other Sin and Swoon, Illustrated by Sophie Casson

A vibrant interpretation, in music and illustrations, of a classic kids' song. Striking illustrations, rich in color and texture, offer an original interpretation of this classic children's folk song, recorded by exceptionally gifted singers and seasoned musicians.
Tamed By Alice Roberts

For readers of Yuval Noah Harari's Sapiens, Alice Roberts's groundbreaking new book reveals how taming our most important animals and plants changed these species—and us—forever. In Tamed, Alice Roberts uncovers the deep history of 10 familiar species with incredible wild pasts: dogs, apples and wheat; cattle, potatoes and chickens; rice, maize and horses—and, finally, humans. She reveals how becoming part of our world changed these animals and plants, and shows how they became our allies, essential to the survival and success of our own species. Enlightening, wide-ranging and endlessly fascinating, Tamed encompasses thousands of years of history and archaeology alongside cutting-edge genetics and anthropology. Yet it is also a deeply personal journey that changes how we see ourselves and the species on which we have left our mark.
Joni on Joni
Joni on Joni Edited by Susan Whitall

Released in time for Joni's 75 birthday, this collection of interviews spans her entire career. Few artists are as intriguing as Joni Mitchell. She was a solidly middle-class, buttoned-up bohemian; an anti-feminist who loved men but scorned free love; a female warrior taking on the male music establishment. She was both the party girl with torn stockings and the sensitive poet. She often said she would be criticized for staying the same or changing, so why not take the less boring option? Her earthy, poetic lyrics ("the geese in chevron flight" in "Urge for Going"), the phrases that are now part of the culture ("They paved paradise, put up a parking lot"), and the unusual melodic intervals traced by that lissome voice earned her the status of a pop legend. Fearless experimentation ensured that she will also be seen as one of the most important musicians of the twentieth century.Joni on Joni is an authoritative, chronologically arranged anthology of some of Mitchell's most illuminating interviews, spanning the years 1966 to 2014. It includes revealing pieces from her early years in Canada and Detroit along with influential articles such as Cameron Crowe's never-before-anthologized Rolling Stone piece. Interspersed throughout the book are key quotes from dozens of additional Q&As. Together, this material paints a revealing picture of the artist— bragging and scornful, philosophical and deep, but also a beguiling flirt.
Teach Your Giraffe to Ski
Teach Your Giraffe to Ski By Viviane Elbee, Illustrated by Danni Gowdy

A rollicking adventure story of a giraffe who takes to the slopes. Your giraffe wants to learn how to ski—but but not on the bunny hill. She wants to go down the big scary slope! Enjoy this riotous journey as the narrator tries to reign their giraffe in—and learns something about courage along the way.
Biographic Dior
Biographic Dior By Liz Flavell

Many people know that Christian Dior (1905–1957) was a French fashion designer, the founder of the world famous fashion house that carries his name. What, perhaps, they don't know is that he once owned a small art gallery selling work by artists including Pablo Picasso; that he employed a young Yves Saint Laurent as his assistant; that he included a garment in each of his shows named after his home town of Granville; and that he had a superstitious belief in the number 8, with the house of Dior being housed over 8 workshops in an 8-storey building in the 8th district of Paris. This book presents a visual catwalk through his life and work, with an array of irresistible facts and figures converted into infographics to reveal the genius behind the garments.
Shifters and Glyphs
Shifters and Glyphs By Christina Bauer

An exciting sequel to the magic-filled Wolves and Roses. After being raised by the meanest fairies in the history of ever, Bryar Rose is now free to live her own life. For the first time, she’s attending West Lake Prep, a regular high school. Well, mostly regular. Some students are actually hidden members of the Magicorum. In other words, they’re really wizards, fairies, or shifters. Bry doesn’t mind, though. She’s thrilled to enjoy all the new experiences of being around normal kids her age, from locker pranks to lunchtime mystery meat. Everything is going along great, except for one thing: Bry’s dreams about the pyramids of Egypt have gotten darker and more sinister. Every night, she sees her new man Knox and her best friend Elle in danger. With no other choice, Bry plans to leave school to explore the pyramids on her own. But her new man Knox discovers the scheme and is having none of it. He wants to stay by her side, no matter what. It’s a good thing too, because Bry must solve the mystery of her attraction to the pyramids and soon. Otherwise, it could cost the lives of those she loves most--and that means not only Knox, but also her best friend Elle.
The School's on Fire!
The School's on Fire! By Rebecca C. Jones

A historical tragedy made accessible to kids by focusing on the survivors' stories. Written for the 60th anniversary of the blaze that changed American fire laws, The School's on Fire! follows the path of the December 1958 fire that killed 92 kids and 3 teachers at Chicago's Our Lady of the Angels School. Recounted in a fast-paced, blow-by-blow, classroom-by-classroom narrative, the tragedy is made accessible by focusing on the survivors' stories of courage, quick thinking, and luck. Author Rebecca C. Jones draws heavily from interviews with those who were there and includes compelling historic photos of the tragedy. The School's on Fire! finishes with a useful "What to Do in Case of Fire" appendix with practical information for kids facing dangerous situations. Additional informative sidebars, resources for further learning, and source notes make this an invaluable addition to any student's bookshelf.
Dust of Eden
Dust of Eden By Mariko Nagai

What do you do when your country goes to war—and everyone thinks you're the enemy? In 1942, 13-year-old Mina Masako Tagawa and her Japanese American family are sent from their home in Seattle to an internment camp in Idaho. All they can do is wonder when America will remember that they, too, are Americans. This memorable and powerful novel in verse, written by award-winning author Mariko Nagai, explores the nature of fear, the beauty of life, and the hope of acceptance triumphing over bigotry.