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Strange Fruit, Volume II
Strange Fruit, Volume II By Joel Christian Gill

Like all legends, people fade away, but not before leaving an incredible legacy. Strange Fruit, Volume II: More Uncelebrated Narratives from Black History is a collection of stories from early African American history that represent the oddity of success in the face of great adversity. Each of the eight illustrated chapters chronicles an uncelebrated African American hero or event. Joel Christian Gill offers historical and cultural commentary on heroes whose stories are not often found in history books, such as Cathay Williams, the only known female Buffalo Soldier, and Eugene Bullard, a fighter pilot who flew for France during World War I. These beautifully illustrated stories offer a refreshing look at remarkable African Americans.
The Word Bird: How To Draw
The Word Bird: How To Draw By Nicola Davies, Illustrated by Abbie Cameron

Learn how to draw birds of all shapes and sizes, from colorful hummingbirds to amazing ostriches. With this fun book from award-winning writer Nicola Davies and illustrator Abbie Cameron, children will learn how to create their own colorful illustrations through step-by-step instructions, and discover a new appreciation for wildlife. All illustrations are zoologically accurate, and include notes from zoologist Nicola Davies.
Collectives in the Spanish Revolution
Collectives in the Spanish Revolution By Gaston Leval, Introduction by Pedro García-Guirao, Translated by Vernon Richards

Gaston Leval's study brings together two aspects that are generally difficult to unite—analysis and testimony. He visited the towns and villages of revolutionary Spain where people had opted to live a libertarian communist lifestyle almost without precedent in history, collectivizing the land, factories, and social services. Collectives in the Spanish Revolution demonstrates clearly that the working class are perfectly capable of running farms, factories, workshops, and health and public services without bosses or managers. It proves that anarchist methods of organizing, with decisions made from the bottom up, can work effectively in large-scale industry, involving the coordination of many thousands of workers in many hundreds of places of work across numerous cities and towns, as well as broad rural areas. Leval's history of anarchy in action also gives insight into the creative and constructive power of ordinary people. The Spanish working class not only kept production going throughout the war, but in many cases managed to achieve increases in output. They improved working conditions and created new techniques. They created, out of nothing, an arms industry without which the war against fascism could not have been fought. The revolution also showed that without the competition bred by capitalism, industry can be run in a much more rational manner. Finally it demonstrated how an organized working class has the power to transform society.
Mozart By Mariano Veloy, Illustrated by David Maynar

Young readers will be entertained and informed by this colorfully illustrated life of Mozart. They will become acquainted with the great composer from his early childhood, when he charmed the European nobility with his precocious talent, and learn of the many challenges he had to face in his career in order to be free to create the magnificent music we enjoy to this day. Este libro descubre a los más pequeños la vida de un gran personaje de la cultura del país: Wolfang Amadeus Mozart. Solo es un niño cuando, con la ayuda de un cojín para llegar al teclado, conquista las principales cortes de toda Europa. Y, sin embargo, la suya no será una vida plácida. Fiel solo a su talento, desafiará tanto a las autoridades, como a los prejuicios de su tiempo. Algo que le llevará a pasar por dificultades. Pero sus esfuerzos se verán compensados. Obtiene la libertad que necesita para crear y compone música que todavía hoy escuchamos.
Little Lord Fauntleroy
Little Lord Fauntleroy By Frances Hodgson Burnett

If you loved The Secret Garden and A Little Princess, meet Little Lord Fauntleroy. Ceddie is a regular little boy living in New York with his mother, until the day a tall, old gentleman arrives to give him some startling news. Ceddie, it turns out, is the child of a great English family. He must go to England to live with the Earl his grandfather and become a person he never knew he was: Little Lord Fauntleroy. What the old gentleman neglects to mention is that Ceddie's grandfather is one of the most grumpy, grouchy, gouty and feared old men in all England. Wish the new Little Lord Fauntleroy good luck! Includes exclusive material: In the Backstory you can find out more about the inspirations for the story and take the Little Lord Fauntleroy quiz!
Bosnian Chronicle
Bosnian Chronicle By Ivo Andric, Introduction by Michael Schmidt, Translated by Celia Hawkesworth

First published in 1945, Bosnian author Ivo Andric's saga of turbulent imperial forces played out through the fates of two men in a remote outpost of the Ottoman Empire. In the remote town of Travnik, the newly appointed French consul soon finds himself intriguing against his Austrian rival, whilst dealing with a colorful cast of Bosnian notables, Orthodox priests, Jewish merchanges and Muslim farmers.
False Economies
False Economies By S. D. Tucker

A journey through the most madcap economic schemes and theories we've dreamed up. When it comes to matters of the economy, have you had enough of ‘experts’ and their foolish, untrue predictions? If so, then you could read about the financial ideas of the lunatics within. At least they’re funny. Economics is often dismissed as the ‘Dismal Science’, with its prognostications frequently amounting to little more than pseudoscientific guesswork. However, you don’t need to know your Karl Marx from your Adam Smith to be able to tell that the following proposals are as dodgy as a nine-bob note. From the idea of trading in rotting ‘vegetable-money’ to discourage the hoarding of capital and the optimistic notion that it might be possible to destroy the North Korean economy with chocolate biscuits, to the US presidential candidate who accepted tax advice from outer space, this book tells the story of some of the loopiest economic ideas of all time. How does the ghost of the founder of Panasonic assess the current state of the Tokyo Stock Exchange? Can you keep your credit rating following reincarnation into another body? What are the hidden relations between gravity and share prices? Do vampires control the stock market? How can eating haunted paintings improve the Russian economy? Is Jesus Christ a Pakistani economist working undercover in the NHS? Can gold have sex and babies? And a little more ‘grounded’ –was Hugo Chávez actually serious and why did Brexit happen? Buy this book or pay the high price of not finding out! Forget Freakonomics– prepare to meet the freaks.
Death on Bull Path
Death on Bull Path By Carrie Doyle

After the craziness of August, the end of summer is supposed to bring peace and tranquility to the posh seaside enclave of East Hampton, New York. Antonia Bingham, chef and proprietor of the town's prestigious Windmill Inn, has been lining up new recipes to try in the quiet, golden days of September, and looks forward to putting murder and mayhem behind her so she can focus on herself and her business. But when a Labor Day visit by two slick Wall Streeters ends with their gruesome deaths in a summer rental house, Antonia is pulled back to the dark side. With mysterious guests (and possible suspects) popping in and out of the inn, Antonia has no choice but to put back on her sleuthing cap and try to decipher who butchered these men. Wading through social media, the local nightclub scene, share houses, and other unfamiliar haunts of the young and glamorous is an eye-opener for Antonia—and a major time commitment. And the timing couldn't be worse, because Nick Darrow, Antonia's movie star crush, is back in town, available and ready for a commitment...while Antonia's sinister ex-husband is making his presence known in her life again, too. The high season may be over but Antonia has never been busier, juggling work and crime—and fighting for her own life, too.
The Snail on the Slope
The Snail on the Slope By Arkady Strugatsky, By Boris Strugatsky, Translated by Olena Bormashenko, Afterword by Boris Strugatsky

A hugely respected science fiction classic brought back into print in a brand new translation. The Snail on the Slope is a neglected masterpiece by Russian science fiction greats Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, who thought of it as ther "most complete and important work." now, in a stunning translation, this tour de force is ready to be introduced to a new generation of American readers. The novel takes place in two worlds. One is the Administration, an institution run by a surreal, Kafkaesque bureaucracy whose aim is to govern the forest below. The other is the Forest, a place of fear, weird creatures, primitive but garrulous people, and violence. Peretz, who works at the Administration, wants to visit the Forest. Candide crashed in the Forest years ago and wants to return to the Administration. Their journeys are surprising and bizarre, and readers are left to puzzle out the mysteries of these foreign environments. Brilliant, enigmatic, and revelatory, The Snail on the Slope is one of the greatest literary works to come out of Soviet Russia. 
The Relationship Bill of Rights
The Relationship Bill of Rights By Eve Rickert, By Franklin Veaux

A clear, concise framework with which to build or rebuild relationships in the image of respect. Forging relationships where we can thrive outside the limitations of restrictive, noxious societal holding patterns – like misogyny, queerphobia, or the stultifying gender roles enabled when we view monogamy as the only legitimate relationship structure – require new foundations on which we can build lives that empower us and each other. The Relationship Bill of Rights is a blueprint for fostering transformative relationships built not on patriarchal notions of possession, coercion, and tolerance, but on the liberatory premises of consent, agency, and honesty. Initially published as part of More Than Two: A Practical Guide to Ethical Polyamory, and drawing upon the relationship successes and heartbreaks of authors Eve Rickert and Franklin Veaux, the Relationship Bill of Rights provides a blueprint for setting boundaries for all your relationships. Every relationship is consensual; you deserve the same freedom from manipulation and lying by your partner that you should expect from a parent or close friend. The Relationship Bill of Rights provides you and yours a clear, concise framework with which to rebuild (or build new) relationships in the image of respect. This publication is a folded poster.
The Lost Europeans
The Lost Europeans By Emanuel Litvinoff, Introduction by Patrick Wright

First published in 1960, a story of an inverse pilgrimage: that of a Jewish man to a resurgent, post-war Berlin. Coming back was worse, much worse, than Martin Stone had anticipated. Martin Stone returns to the city from which his family was driven in 1938. He has concealed his destination from his father, and hopes to win some form of restitution for the depressed old man living in exile in London. The Lost Europeans portrays a tense, ruined yet flourishing Berlin where nothing is quite what it seems.
Sleeping Dragons
Sleeping Dragons By Magela Baudoin, Translated by Wendy Burk, Translated by M.J. Fievre, Introduction by Alberto Manguel

The first English-language volume by the acclaimed Bolivian/Argentinan author, winner of the 2015 Gabriel Garcia Marquez for Short Fiction. Baudoin's beguiling portrayals of day-to-day lives belie the unsettling feeling of things unseen and unsaid, and on the verge of falling apart. In the title story, a pregnant woman on an eco-adventure to escape a recent break-up finds herself heading towards an even murkier future. In "Mengele in Love," a chambermaid in a hotel reminisces about her lost love for a previous resident. As Alberto Manguel observes in his introduction "each story takes a situation to unexpected extremes, and the endings are always surprising and subtly justified."
Beep-beep! Magnetic First Words
Beep-beep! Magnetic First Words By Nat Lambert

Early learning first words fun for little ones! Get ready for noisy, colorful magnet fun! Discover tasty food, colorful clothes, and more, then complete the scenes with the word and picture magnets and learn first words. Play & Learn titles include a clever compartment so the magnets can be tidily stored away after use. 
Empieza hoy el resto de tu vida
Empieza hoy el resto de tu vida By Jorge Bucay

Jorge Bucay's insight into human happiness teaches readers that every person is valuable, useful, and irreplaceable, with an infinite capacity to learn and grow. However, most people ignore their own potential and long for the past or the future, basing their happiness on external factors like material possessions or other people's opinions. Empieza hoy el resto de tu vida is a moving lesson which will motivate readers to be in the present, face their fears, and transform their dreams into realities.En ocasiones postergamos nuestra felicidad; unas veces anhelando el pasado y otras viviendo a la expectativa del futuro, sin poder anclarnos con el presente y sin disfrutar del aquí y el ahora. Demasiadas veces basamos nuestra vida en factores externos como los bienes materiales, la posición social, los mandatos familiares, nuestros éxi­tos o la percepción que los demás tienen de nosotros. Sin embargo, nada está más alejado de la realidad. En este libro, Jorge Bucay nos muestra que cada individuo es valioso, útil, necesario e irreemplazable, merecedor de todo lo bueno y con una capacidad infinita de aprender y crecer. Y esto te incluye a ti. Empieza hoy el resto de tu vida es una conmovedora lección que te motiva a aceptar tu realidad, vencer tus miedos y transformar tus sueños en proyectos de vida.
BTS By Triumph Books

This South Korean boy band is at the forefront of the K-Pop wave sweeping the globe. BTS: K-Pop's International Superstars is the must-have celebration of RM, J-Hope, Suga, Jimin, V, Jin, and Jungkook, who have won over fans across the globe with hits like "DNA" and "MIC Drop." With dozens of stunning full-color photographs, this volume offers an extensive look at the guys behind the incredible voices, verses, and dance moves—from their early days as bandmates, to worldwide tours, to their relationship with their passionate and quickly-growing community of fans. This commemorative collection also looks back at the Bangtan Boys' evolving musical sound, explores what makes each member of the group so memorable, and has fun with their friendship and social media presence. Also featuring a look ahead at what is sure to be an even brighter future, this is the ultimate book for ARMYs as well as new K-pop fans everywhere.
Count Girls In
Count Girls In By Karen Panetta, By Katianne Williams

There is a place for all girls and young women—not just the science fair winners and robotics club members—in STEM classes and careers.  Maybe you have a daughter who loves cooking, soccer, and musicals. Maybe she's a social butterfly, an athlete, a fashionista, and a humanitarian who wants to change the world. Be honest—do you think, Well, she's clearly not a math and science kid? Do you assume that certain classes and careers won't appeal to her? Count Girls In challenges these assumptions and presents a totally different way of thinking: there is a place for all girls and young women—not just the science fair winners and robotics club members—in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields, if we can keep their (and our) minds and options open and meet them where they are.   To succeed in STEM fields today, girls don't have to change who they are. A girl who combines her natural talents, interests, and dreams with STEM skills has a greater shot than ever before at a career she loves and a salary she deserves. Count Girls In encourages parents and other adults to raise authentic young women who have the confidence to put STEM to work in a way that best serves them and their passions. The authors, both STEM professionals, present compelling research in a conversational, accessible style and provide specific advice and takeaways for each stage of schooling, from elementary school through college, followed by comprehensive STEM resources. This isn't a book about raising competitive, test-acing girls in lab coats; this is about raising happy, confident girls who realize the world of opportunities before them.
The Killing Game
The Killing Game By Anthony Tucker-Jones

An in-depth look at the evolution of battle tactics and military technology since 1066. The second millennium of mankind has been characterized by almost incessant warfare somewhere on the face of the globe. This book serves as a snapshot of the development of warfare over the past 1,000 years, illustrating the bravery and suffering mankind has inflicted upon itself in developing what we call the "Art of War." Here military historian Anthony Tucker-Jones selects 20 battles that illustrate the changing face of warfare over the past thousand years—from the Viking shield wall to long bows and knights, the emergence of gunpowder, and finally the long-range faceless warfare of today. International in scope, it covers such well-known battles as Crecy (1346), Magdeburg (1631), Falkirk (1746), Isandlwana (1879), the Blitz (1940), Bekaa Valley (1982), Tora Bora (2001), and more.
What Does A Princess Really Look Like?
What Does A Princess Really Look Like? By Mark Loewen, Illustrated by Ed Pokoj

A lighthearted story about embracing difference, rejecting stereotypes, and loving your quirks. "Inside of our head is where our smarts are," she said to herself, "And this princess is very smart." Chloe dreams of being a ballerina princess. But today she is not practicing her twirls or leaping from room to room.She digs deep in her art drawer to find what she needs to craft her very own princess ballerina. The project quickly turns into more than a simple princess drawing. Chloe realizes that princesses are not just about beautiful hair and sparkly dresses. As her work of art comes to life, she discovers the qualities of character that make up her princess. When she feels insecure about an imperfection in her art, her dad's point out that the personal quirks make her princess unique! And Chloe realizes that she is not too different from the princess she so admires."When you know what you want, not much can stop you."Princesses can look all kinds of ways. What kind of princess are you?"Filled with the fuel young girls need to believe in themselves, this book carries the right message at the right time for the next generation of brave young women. It's a must read!" - Katherine Wintsch, Founder and CEO of The Mom Complex"...a breath of fresh air for children of different ages, providing the very essence that children can have dreams and be very creative with those dreams."- Erika Tranfield, Director and Co-founder of Pride Angel
Dulceagrio By Stephanie Danler

Tess, an inexperienced 20-something, arrives in New York City from her small hometown in the summer of 2006. She's got no friends, and just about no money—only a rented room in Brooklyn and an endless sense of curiosity. When she gets a temporary job as a waitress in a famous Manhattan restaurant, a new world opens up to her, made up of oysters and champagne, bourbon and cocaine, friendship, luxury, and love. When her relationships with two coworkers turns into a love triangle, Tess learns the most important lesson of her life. Tess, una veinteañera inexperta, llega a Nueva York desde su pequeña ciudad provinciana en el verano de 2006. No tiene amigos y apenas dinero. Sólo cuenta con una habitación alquilada en Brooklyn y una curiosidad infinita. Cuando consigue un trabajo como camarera suplente en un conocido restaurante de Manhattan todo un mundo se abre ante ella. Su relato abarcará ese primer año de descubrimientos: ostras, champagne, borgoña, cocaína, amistad, lujuria, amor y bares de mala muerte. Tess se deja arrastrar por Simone, una camarera experimentada que se convertirá en mentora, y se enamorará de Jake, un camarero atractivo y misterioso que también mantiene una relación inquebrantable con Simone. Cuando esa relación se convierta en triángulo, Tess aprenderá la lección más importante de su vida.
Maroon Comix
Maroon Comix Edited by Quincy Saul, Illustrated by Mac Mcgill, Illustrated by Songe Riddle, Illustrated by Seth Tobocman

African-American focused comics full of vivid imagery and revolutionary messages for new generations of abolitionists. Escaping slavery in the Americas, maroons made miracles in the mountains, summoned new societies in the swamps, and forged new freedoms in the forests. They didn't just escape and steal from plantations—they also planted and harvested polycultures. They not only fought slavery but proved its opposite, and for generations they defended it, with blood and brilliance. Maroon Comix is a fire on the mountain where maroon words and images meet to tell stories of escape and homecoming, exile and belonging. These stories, tales of the damned who consecrate their own salvation, converge on the summits of the human spirit, where the most dreadful degradation is overcome by the most daring dignity. Maroon Comix is an invitation to never go back, to join hands and hearts across space and time with the maroons and the mountains that await their return.
The Occasional Vegan
The Occasional Vegan By Sarah Philpott

The Occasional Vegan contains 70 simple, affordable and delicious recipes, which will appeal whether you are a newcomer or a long-time vegan, keeping you well-fed and healthy. Sarah Philpott's recipes are accompanied by the story of her journey to becoming a vegan. In this book she explores the ethical and lifestyle arguments for a plant-based diet through her own experience of turning vegan at thirty. Growing numbers of people are making the same journey (the number of vegans is up 350% in the past decade), attracted by principles underlying it. Even if, like Venus Williams, you're not completely vegan, you'll find plenty of recipes here to encourage you over the finish line. And as food lover Philpott shows, embracing veganism certainly doesn't need to break the bank – her recipes are homely and easily cooked, suitable for old and young, gourmet cooks and kitchen novices, pensioners and students. The Occasional Vegan is divided into four sections: The Working Week: quick meals for busy people; Something for the Weekend: lazy brunches and Sunday lunches; High Days and Holidays: special occasions like birthdays, Christmas and Easter; Comfort Food and Children's Favourites. Each section is packed with delicious dishes and illustrated with gorgeous photographs. Health, affordability, the environment, animal welfare: there are many reasons for becoming a vegan – or becoming more vegan – and in The Occasional Vegan Sarah Philpott shows how to do it, in the kitchen and in life.