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Music Books

Music Books

The Lyrics of Syd Barrett
The Lyrics of Syd Barrett >
By Rob Chapman, Foreword by Peter Jenner
Price 19.99
Punkzines >
By Eddie Piller, By Steve Rowland
Price 24.99
A Furious Devotion
A Furious Devotion >
By Richard Balls
Price 28.99
Beefheart >
By John French
Price 36.99
Bowie Odyssey: 72
Bowie Odyssey: 72 >
By Simon Goddard
Price 24.99
There's No Bones in Ice Cream
There's No Bones in Ice Cream >
By Sylvain Sylvain
Price 14.99
Mudhoney >
By Keith Cameron
Price 24.99
The Best of Jamming!
The Best of Jamming! >
By Tony Fletcher
Price 36.99
The Velvet Mafia
The Velvet Mafia >
By Darryl W Bullock
Price 28.99
The Sound of the Machine
The Sound of the Machine >
By Karl Bartos
Price 28.99
Dayglo! >
By Celeste Bell, By Zoe Howe
Price 36.99
God Only Knows
God Only Knows >
By David Leaf
Price 26.99