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Multiplex: Chapter 1
Multiplex: Chapter 1

Multiplex: Chapter 1

Created by Gordon McAlpin



40 Pages, 7.5 x 10

PDF, $1.49 (US $1.49) (CA $1.49)

Publication Date: September 2011

ISBN 9780984322213

Rights: WOR

Chase Sequence LLC (Sep 2011)
Chase Sequence Co.

Price: $1.49
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Multiplex is an online comic about a low-brow movie buff Kurt and a high-brow film snob Jason, who wage a never-ending battle against the terrible movies and even worse customers infesting their movie theater. Multiplex is a sitcom-style romp jam-packed with movie jokes, real-world movie commentary, and a healthy dose of stupid humor and teen drama. The Multiplex: Chapter 1 eBook collects strips #1–24 from the Multiplex archives, plus two guest strips (by Gordon), seven bonus comics not found in the archives, and four character bios!

Author Biography

Gordon McAlpin lives in Minneapolis with his cat Punk. In his twenties, he watched over a dozen movies a week. Gordon has written movie reviews, co-hosted a movie podcast, and edited a movie news blog, but now he just writes and draws Multiplex. While he has never worked at a movie theater, he has had several equally terrible jobs.