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Millionaire Valley
Millionaire Valley

Millionaire Valley

Doing business with a sociopath and surviving


272 Pages, 7.83 x 9.23

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $16.99 (US $16.99) (CA $22.95)

Publication Date: September 2018

ISBN 9781938463228

Rights: WOR

Bitingduck Press (Sep 2018)

Price: $16.99


Millionaire Valley is a fictionalized memoir about a woman who was nearly robbed of the business she had built by an unscrupulous "marketer." The usurper, eventually joined by a sidekick, promised she could take the company to the next level. Instead, the plan was to pay herself an exorbitant salary, run the business into the ground, and leave its founder–recently widowed and heading into what should have been her retirement years–with nothing.The book is a cautionary tale for everyone, both a practical guide to protecting oneself and one's livelihood, as well as a microcosmic view into current events. Just as some politicians pillage the nation for personal gain, conscienceless business people operate on a much smaller scale to target and profit from small companies. Their tactics are partially learned in business school and partly psychological techniques of charm, gaslighting, and bullying.For anyone who's building a business, or who has ever been a target, who wants to prevent becoming a target--or for anyone who enjoys a fast-paced rollercoaster of a memoir.

Author Biography

Ada Zee is a pseudonym of a Bay Area entrepreneur who has lived through the events described. Read backwards it is eez ada (pronounced eez Odda, accent on the a) which means "from hell" in Russian.  Is Ada Zee Russian?  Possibly.  Does she come from hell?  Maybe.  Is she going back soon? Please clarify. Is she going back to either place from whence she came anytime soon?  Not until she's finished her work here. What is her work?  Classified.  Does it involve top secret dossiers?  No comment. Has she written other books?  Yes, under another name. Is this book different from her other books?  Yes, this book is departure from her other books.  Will there be a Millionaire Valley sequel?  Yes, she's at work on it now.