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Mathematics for Economics and Business
Mathematics for Economics and Business

Mathematics for Economics and Business


408 Pages, 6.75 x 9.5

Formats: Trade Paper, PDF

Trade Paper, $69.95 (US $69.95) (CA $93.95)

Publication Date: September 2017

ISBN 9788885486034

Rights: WOR X IT

EGEA Spa - Bocconi University Press (Sep 2017)
Bocconi University Press

Price: $69.95


This textbook is tailored for those educational programs, such as Economics and Management, that include an introductory (and frequently the only) course in Mathematics. The volume focuses on a number of selected, fundamental topics: the knowledge of Calculus, for functions of one and two variables; the use of Calculus in optimization; the notion of integral for functions of one variable; the language and the elementary techniques of Linear Algebra; the basics of Financial Calculus. Several preliminary examples from applied sciences (mainly from Economics) introduce the theoretical aspects. An excessive formalism is avoided, in order to quickly reach the fundamental concepts. Mybook contains the solutions to the end-of-chapter exercises.

Author Biography

Lorenzo Peccati is Senior Full Professor of Mathematics at Bocconi University, Milan. Until 2014 he was Editor of the European Journal of Operational Research. Sandro Salsa is Full Professor of Mathematical Analysis at the Politecnico di Milano and Associate Editor of Nonlinear Analysis. Annamaria Squellati was formerly Lecturer of Mathematics at Bocconi University, Milan.

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