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Maroon Comix
Maroon Comix

Maroon Comix

Origins and Destinies

Edited by Quincy Saul, Illustrated by Mac Mcgill, Illustrated by Songe Riddle, Illustrated by Seth Tobocman


72 Pages, 8.5 x 11

Formats: Trade Paper, PDF, Fixed Layout KF8, Fixed Layout EPUB

Trade Paper, $15.95 (US $15.95) (CA $20.95)

Publication Date: July 2018

ISBN 9781629635712

Rights: WOR X UK & EUR

PM Press (Jul 2018)

Price: $15.95


African-American focused comics full of vivid imagery and revolutionary messages for new generations of abolitionists

Escaping slavery in the Americas, maroons made miracles in the mountains, summoned new societies in the swamps, and forged new freedoms in the forests. They didn't just escape and steal from plantations—they also planted and harvested polycultures. They not only fought slavery but proved its opposite, and for generations they defended it, with blood and brilliance. Maroon Comix is a fire on the mountain where maroon words and images meet to tell stories of escape and homecoming, exile and belonging. These stories, tales of the damned who consecrate their own salvation, converge on the summits of the human spirit, where the most dreadful degradation is overcome by the most daring dignity. Maroon Comix is an invitation to never go back, to join hands and hearts across space and time with the maroons and the mountains that await their return.


"The activist artists of Maroon Comix have combined and presented struggles past and present in a vivid, creative, graphic form, pointing a way toward an emancipated future." —Marcus Rediker, coauthor of The Many-Headed Hydra: Sailors, Slaves, Commoners, and the Hidden History of the Revolutionary Atlantic   "With bold graphics and urgent prose, Maroon Comix provides a powerful antidote to toxic historical narratives. By showing us what was, Quincy Saul and his talented team allow us to see what's possible." —James Sturm, author of The Golem's Mighty Swing    "The history and stories that the Maroons personified should inspire a whole new generation of abolitionists. This comic illustration can motivate all those looking to resist modern capitalism's twenty-first-century slavery and the neofascism we are facing today." —Dhoruba Bin Wahad, Black Panther Party, New York Chapter, executive director of Community Change Africa   "This fine comic book ('comic' because it's not tragic) should be infiltrated into every schoolhouse and factory in Capitalist Modernity!" —Hakim Bey, author of TAZ   "Maroon Comix is breathtaking! I say that after decades of study and practice in that arena. One who is serious about resisting the dragons that threaten our very existence will use Maroon Comix to help fashion or reinforce their place within the hydra of twenth-first century Maroons." —Russell Maroon Shoatz, author of Maroon the Implacable

"On this episode of 'By Any Means Necessary,' Eugene Puryear and Sean Blackmon are joined by Quincy Saul, editor of the new Maroon Comix: Origins and Destinies to talk about the history of maroons and their autonomous communities past and present, the importance of political prisoner Russell 'Maroon' Shoatz, how radical comics can be used as a medium for radicalization and political education and more.

"This fascinating book, based primarily on the writings of political prisoner Russell Maroon Shoats (#AF-3855, SCI Dallas, 1000 Follies Rd. Drawer K, Dallas PA 18612-0286), examines the history of slavery and liberation, particularly the form of resistance known as 'maroons'— escapees from slavery, or territories liberated from slavery by rebellion, such as Haiti—in the US, the Caribbean, and South America by applying the techniques of graphic novels to sometimes dense political tracts and analysis, increasing their appeal, accessibility, and imbuing them with the spirit of a new Black arts movement as well as the cultural creativity and many-sidedness of the maroons themselves." —Michael Novick,

"The revival of African and Indigenous inspired political strategies have emerged and continue to emerge in a multitude of ways in Venezuela, from ecosocialism to reparations. The Maroon Comix team is key to this international effort to document, inspire and challenge. Their work offers today's organizers, farmers, workers, political visionaries, dreamers, and militant generation at large, an invitation to reorient their political and theoretical frameworks from Euro-centric revolutionary models to African and Indigenous historical points of reference. Herein lie the ancestral forms of communalism, socialism and communism—maroons, their societies, their strategies, their republics and their present-day permanence. Herein lie the answers to some of our deepest and most puzzling political questions and historical contradictions." —

Author Biography

Quincy Saul is the author of Truth and Dare: A Comic Book Curriculum for the End and the Beginning of the World, and the coeditor of Maroon the Implacable. He is a musician and a cofounder of Ecosocialist Horizons. Mac McGill is one of the leading pen and ink artists of NYC. His previous art books include IX XI MI. Songe Riddle has worked on a number of award-winning film and television productions, providing motion graphics and animation as well as script illustrations and storyboards. Seth Tobocman is the cofounder of World War 3 Illustrated. His illustrations have appeared in the New York Times among many other publications.