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Maravillosamente imperfecto, escandalosamente feliz
Maravillosamente imperfecto, escandalosamente feliz

Maravillosamente imperfecto, escandalosamente feliz

Diez premisas liberadoras que transformarán tu vida de manera radical


236 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $15.95 (US $15.95) (CA $18.95)

Publication Date: September 2016

ISBN 9786077357056

Rights: US & CA

Editorial Oceano de Mexico (Sep 2016)

Price: $15.95


As understood by psychologist Walter Riso, one of the keys to living better is to accept ourselves as we are, despite our faults, to learn to live with them and compensate them with our strengths. In his most recent book, Riso proposes cognitive keys to accept every aspect of our personalities, to understand how it affects our social, love, and work life, and to strive to improve our performance every day. Without self-acceptance and a high self-esteem, it is not possible to garner a deep knowledge of ourselves as it is a key to our happiness as human beings.Como lo entiende el psicólogo Walter Riso, una de las claves para vivir mejor es aceptarnos como somos, con todos nuestros defectos, para aprender a vivir con ellos y compensarlos con nuestras virtudes. En su libro más reciente, Riso propone las claves cognitivas para aceptar cada aspecto de nuestra personalidad, conocer cómo afecta nuestra vida social, amorosa y laboral, y trabajar para mejorar nuestro desempeño día con día. Así como sin autoaceptación no hay autoestima posible, el conocimiento profundo de nosotros mismos es clave para nuestra realización plena como personas.

Author Biography

Walter Riso is a psychologist, specializing in cognitive therapy and bioethics. For over 28 years he has worked as a therapist, practicing alternately as a university chair while contributing with scientific publications and psychological disclosures. He is a professor of cognitive therapy in different psychological schools in Latin America and Spain, and is the honorary president of the Columbian Association of Cognitive Therapy. His previous works include El camino de los sabios, La afectividad masculina, Amores altamente peligrosos, and many others.