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Little Book for Big Changes
Little Book for Big Changes

Little Book for Big Changes

Activities and tips to make the world a better place



64 Pages, 6 x 9.25

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $15.99 (US $15.99) (CA $20.99)

Publication Date: November 2018

ISBN 9781787414808

Rights: US & CA

Blink Publishing (Nov 2018)
Studio Press

Price: $15.99


Packed with over 100 puzzles, games, craft activities, experiments and tips for children aged 7+, Little Book for Big Changes offers fun, educational and creative ways to bring people together to help change the world. This innovative activity book encourages young people to become responsible global citizens, develop understanding, empathy and a sense of responsibility, empowering them to protect the environment and to make the world fairer. Includes tips on how to recycle and reduce plastic waste. Little Book for Big Changes helps young people understand complex global challenges such as inequality and climate change, and is designed to inform, empower and motivate tomorrow's leaders to help make the world a better place.

Author Biography

Karen Liepmann grew up in Hong Kong and started her career as an investment banking analyst. She now works in social impact investing, helping people and organisations to invest their money in a way that creates positive change in the world. She holds an MBA from University of Oxford and an BSc in Government and Economics from London School of Economics. She lives with her husband in London. She volunteers for local womens' and refugees charities, two causes that are very close to her heart. Mona Karaivanova is a freelance illustrator and avid pencil fan! She is currently riding bikes in The Netherlands, but she was born and grew up in Bulgaria. She works primarily on children's book illustrations, pattern making, stationery and lots of other things too. Mona is inspired by pine trees, long summer days, woodland creatures and a good folk story. When she's not knee deep in pencil shavings and eraser dust, she enjoys embroidering and baking oat cookies. Kirsten lived in Germany, Puerto Rico, Spain, Japan and the USA as she grew up. Today, she still loves to travel and explore different cultures. After earning a BA from Dartmouth College and an MS in Education from Northwestern University, she taught elementary school for seven years before obtaining an MBA from the University of Oxford. She believes that education and children are the key to positive change, and currently works in an education nonprofit in San Jose, California.