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Lion Hudson

Lion Hudson

Lion Hudson is committed to publishing quality literature, worldwide, which is true to the Christian faith. We publish books for adults and children under five different imprints. Lion Books, Lion Children’s Books, and Lion Fiction take accessible books that reflect a Christian worldview to a general audience while Candle Books and Monarch Books support Christian families, individuals and communities in their devotional and spiritual lives. Our books sell around the world and are translated into over 200 languages. International co-edition publishing is a particular strength with more than half our sales made in export markets.

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#Niteblessings (2 Formats) >
By Malcolm Duncan

Cloth ISBN 9780745980607

Cloth Price 12.95

Cloth, EPUB

100 More Stand-Alone Bible Studies
100 More Stand-Alone Bible Studies (2 Formats) >
By Penelope Wilcock

Trade Paper ISBN 9780857218339

Trade Paper Price 16.95

Trade Paper, EPUB

100 Stand-Alone Bible Studies
100 Stand-Alone Bible Studies (2 Formats) >
By Penelope Wilcock

Trade Paper ISBN 9780857214195

Trade Paper Price 19.99

Trade Paper, EPUB

100 Verse Bible
100 Verse Bible (2 Formats) >
By Mark Stibbe

Trade Paper ISBN 9780857212320

Trade Paper Price 7.99

Trade Paper, EPUB

100+ Games, Quizzes and Icebreakers
100+ Games, Quizzes and Icebreakers >
By Shirley Bloomfield

ISBN 9781854248824

Price 14.99

Trade Paper

101 Things to Do During a Dull Sermon
101 Things to Do During a Dull Sermon >
By Tim Sims, By Debra Hirsch

ISBN 9781854245496

Price 6.99

Trade Paper

1536 (2 Formats) >
By Suzannah Lipscomb

Trade Paper ISBN 9780745953328

Trade Paper Price 12.95

Trade Paper, EPUB

25 Crafts for a Rainy Day
25 Crafts for a Rainy Day >
By Christina Goodings, Illustrated by Samantha Meredith

ISBN 9780745976723

Price 7.99

Trade Paper

25 Crafts for Christmas
25 Crafts for Christmas >
By Christina Goodings, Illustrated by Samantha Meredith

ISBN 9780745963877

Price 7.99

Trade Paper

300+ Sizzling Icebreakers
300+ Sizzling Icebreakers >
By Michael Puffett, By Blair Mundell

ISBN 9781854249197

Price 14.99

Trade Paper

365 Activities for Kids
365 Activities for Kids >
By Tim Dowley

ISBN 9781859854709

Price 8.99


40 Days of Grace
40 Days of Grace (2 Formats) >
By Rich Miller

Trade Paper ISBN 9780857214430

Trade Paper Price 13.99

Trade Paper, EPUB

40 Days with Jesus
40 Days with Jesus >
By Malcolm Duncan

ISBN 9780857216458

Price 14.99


500 Prayers for Young People
500 Prayers for Young People >
By Martin Saunders

ISBN 9780857210173

Price 14.99

Trade Paper

52 Original Wisdom Stories
52 Original Wisdom Stories >
By Penelope Wilcock

ISBN 9780857216038

Price 19.99


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