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Life in a Cold Climate: Nancy Mitford The Biography
Life in a Cold Climate: Nancy Mitford The Biography

Life in a Cold Climate: Nancy Mitford The Biography


432 Pages, 6 x 9.5

Formats: Cloth

Cloth, (CA $50.00)

Publication Date: May 2015

ISBN 9781784082291

Rights: CA

Head of Zeus (May 2015)

Available from local and national retailers throughout the US.


A much-praised biography of the most brilliant of the Mitford sisters, who dazzled and scandalized interwar high society with their wit and sometimes controversial lifestylesNancy Mitford was, in the words of her sister Lady Diana Mosley, "very, very complex." Her biographies and novels, her journalism, and the vast body of letters to her family, friends such as Evelyn Waugh, and to the great love of her life, Gaston Palewski, all tell an intriguing story. Drawing from these, as well as conversations with Mitford's two surviving sisters and colleagues, prize-winning author Laura Thompson has fashioned a portrait of a contradictory and courageous woman. Thompson approaches her subject with wit, perspicacity, and affection, while eschewing clichés about the eccentricities of the Mitford clan. Life in a Cold Climate is full of the sound of Mitfordian laughter; but tells also the often paradoxical and complex story beneath the smiling and ever elegant façade.

Author Biography

Laura Thompson is the author of the Somerset Maugham Award-winning The Dogs: A Personal History of Greyhound Racing, and Agatha Christie: An English Mystery.