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Typographic Portraits



120 Pages, 9 x 11.25

Formats: Cloth

Cloth, $24.95 (CA $33.95) (US $24.95)

Publication Date: May 2022

ISBN 9780648568438

Rights: US & CA

Melbournestyle Books (May 2022)

Price: $24.95


What's in a name? Maree Coote reveals the missing link between word and image. This award-winning illustrator has developed her own graphic language of illustrative typography, making images of all kinds using only the letters of the subject's name and existing alphabets. This ambitious collection of fabulous faces includes punks, presidents, musicians, muses, heroes and horrors, in a gathering of unforgettable humanity. Includes an insight into the genesis of the 'Fontigram', the inspirations and working practices of the designer, and a smattering of type history for the aficionado.The result is a delight for lovers of typefaces, human faces and serendipity.


"This rhythmic tour takes visual poetry to a new level." —Foreword Reviews on Letters From New York   "Readers will finish the book both awed and eager to embark on their own typographical experiments." —Publishers Weekly on Spellbound "A fresh tribute to the creative possibilities of letter-form art: stylish and sophisticated." --Kirkus Reviews on Animology  

Author Biography

Maree Coote is a Melbourne-based author, illustrator and designer. Her books have a strong sense of design and ingenuity. She has won the Special Mention prize at Bologna Ragazzi Fiere 2017, among other awards and honors for her work.