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Learn to Read Chinese Fast! Simplified Characters
Learn to Read Chinese Fast! Simplified Characters

Learn to Read Chinese Fast! Simplified Characters

Master 2,197 Characters in No Time

An EZChinesey Guide


544 Pages, 7 x 10

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $29.95 (US $29.95) (CA $32.95)

Publication Date: January 2014

ISBN 9780982232446

Rights: US & CA (Jan 2014)

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The memory technique pioneered in this book removes the major obstacle to learning modern Mandarin Chinese: how to remember the meanings of more than 2,000 of the most common simplified Chinese characters (those in use in mainland China)—enough to read more than 96 percent of the characters in any Chinese text. Like the previous edition, this essential guide teaches how to learn new character definitions at a breakneck pace, how to build up new characters using characters already learned, and how to fix meanings and characters forever in the mind. Now boasting an all-new, clearer layout, this version has been updated to include stroke-order diagrams for drawing every character, all meanings and pronunciations for each character, revision of many narratives for increased clarity, and inclusion of a number of new characters. Though neither a study guide to the Chinese language, a history of the development of Chinese characters, nor a Chinese phrase guide, the book provides an indispensable system for the rapid memorization of the meanings of Chinese characters. It also provides access to free downloads of flashcards and review material.


"Alan Hoenig makes learning and remembering Chinese characters fun and easy. Sharing his secrets to mastering 2,000 of the most common Chinese characters, Hoenig has produced one of the best books I have come across for learning the language spoken by more than a billion people around the world." —Dr. Choon Fong Shih, president, National University of Singapore

Author Biography

Dr. Alan Hoenig is a professor emeritus of mathematics at the John Jay College of the City University of New York. He is the author of Eating Out in China and Traditional Chinese Characters. He lives in Huntington, New York.