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Kid's Travel Fun Book
Kid's Travel Fun Book

Kid's Travel Fun Book

Draw. Make Stuff. Play Games. Have Fun for Hours!

Ages 7–9, Grades 2–4

Kid's Travel series


96 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: Mobipocket, Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $8.99 (US $8.99) (CA $11.99)

Publication Date: April 2007

ISBN 9781892147134

Rights: WOR

Marlor Press, Inc. (Apr 2007)
Marlor Press

Price: $8.99


Whether traveling by car, train, or plane, kids will be sure to delight in this jam-packed activity book that will keep them smiling and learning wherever their journey takes them. Sections on participating in the planning of the family’s trip and designing maps allow children to be more than just backseat passengers. Kids are also given pages to draw and write what they see and experience, and they can take part in simple but entertaining activities and games like the amazing jumping frog game, ten penny puzzle, moon rockets, charades, and paper airplanes. Containing new activities and updated artwork, this new edition is a compact and complete source of amusement that doesn’t require batteries—maybe just paper, pencil, string, and a little imagination.


"There is sure to be something that your youngster will find entertaining. You can't miss with this one." —Children's Literature

Author Biography

Loris Bree is a former speech and language therapist in a Minnesota public school system who specialized in helping children with disabilities. She holds a Masters Degree from the University of Minnesota and brings to children's books her love of children, sense of humor, and her educational background and experience. As a therapist, she encountered children's problems who faced the unknowns of travel and helped make it an uplifting family experience as well as a fun book for kids. Educator approved, her books have a strong family affiliation and give support through a helpful and proven structure. She is the author of Kid's Trip Diary, Kid's Travel Fun Book, Kid's Magic Secrets and Kid's Squish Book.  Her partner, Marlin Bree, worked with her in the development of her books for children.