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Journey through the World of Numbers
Journey through the World of Numbers

Journey through the World of Numbers

A onederful trek thorugh the number sets

By Jeremiah Dyke, Illustrated by Paul Wrangles


47 Pages

Formats: EPUB

EPUB, $2.99 (US $2.99) (CA $3.99)

Publication Date: August 2012

ISBN 9780984638116

Rights: WOR

Singing Turtle Press (Aug 2012)


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Journey through the World of Numbers a wonderful trek through the number sets Imagine that a digit dares himself to go traveling. And by digit we mean the plucky little number 1. What kind of adventures might the digit experience on such an odyssey? In Journey through the World of Numbers, author-teacher Jeremiah Dyke explores this intriguing question. Drawing upon the whimsical concept of an animated number, Journey through the World of Numbers shows us in detail the sorts of places where a number might travel, and the sorts of adventures he might have. In this delightful tale, with a full-size illustration on every story page, readers learn about the differences among the various sets of numbers: how Natural Numbers differ from Whole Numbers; how those sets differ from the Integers, and how the Rational and Irrational number sets fit into the big picture. Reading about this journey, children learn key concepts of number theory, and explore philosophical questions about numbers. Suggested questions at the end of the eBook encourage further reflection about the nature of numbers. The 47-page book, published by Singing Turtle Press (Algebra Survival Guide and Workbook) is lavishly illustrated by UK artist Paul Wrangles. The illustrations help the young algebra student envision a charming world of pure numbers, and engage the student's curiosity as to whether the world of numbers is real, imaginary, or something altogether different. Journey through the World of Numbers is aimed at children taking Pre-Algebra / Algebra, and at all children who enjoy math/science topics. The fixed-layout format makes the book easy to read, and the combination of delightful drawings and imaginative text bring the tale to life.

Author Biography

Jeremiah Dyke is a math professor at Lord Fairfax Community College where he teaches Statistics & Developmental Mathematics. He is author of Surviving The Trenches of Education. Dyke promotes a hands-on approach to teaching mathematics at his blog Dyke also is homeschooling his two sons, and enjoys crossbow hunting, fishing, pipe tobacco, hot tea, technology, and brewing his own ale. He lives in Virginia with his family and two pugs. Paul Wrangles is from Swansea, in the United Kingdom. He has ten years' experience teaching in primary schools and enjoys inspiring pupils with his website: Sparky Teaching, at Paul is currently finishing the first book that he has both written and illustrated, a set of math resources for livening up the teaching of word problems called 'We Have a Problem!'