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Is a Cat the Right Pet for You
Is a Cat the Right Pet for You

Is a Cat the Right Pet for You

Can You Find the Facts?

The Pet Detectives Series


70 Pages, 8.75 x 6

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $15.95 (CA $22.00) (US $15.95)

Publication Date: March 2016

ISBN 9781910455173

Rights: US & CA

5m Publishing (Mar 2016)

Price: $15.95


Cats can be brilliant and entertaining pets, but we shouldn't forget that like all animals they too have their own needs. For example, did you know that cats still have lots of wild instincts like hunting, even when they are not hungry? They love to climb, chase and hide up high when they are worried. If you think you might like a cat for a pet, you need to find out what cats love to eat, who their friends and enemies are, and what keeps them happy, as well as healthy. Find out more by learning the facts in this book and taking on detective assignments to investigate their needs. By going through your pet detective tasks and learning as you go you will find out if you and your family are the right owners for these special pets! Just as importantly, if you discover that you and a cat are not a perfect match, you can get some pointers to other fabulous animals that might suit you better. Emma Milne is a vet who has written several books about animals, their welfare and the ups and downs of life as a vet. She has been featured on BBC's Vets in Practice and appeared in shows such as GMTV, Inside Out and Question Time. *** "Beautifully illustrated with full color photography throughout.... a 'must-read' for anyone considering adopting a kitten or a cat! Also highly recommended for prospective pet owners and public library collections are other books in the 'Pet Detectives' series: 'Are Rabbits the Right Pet for You?' and 'Are Guinea Pigs the Right Pet for You?'."Ã?Â?-- Midwest Book Review, Children's Bookwatch: June 2016, The Pets/Wildlife Shelf (Series: The Pet Detective Series) [Subject: Pets, Pet Care]Ã?Â?Ã?Â?Ã?Â?