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IPG Staff Picks

The titles we're most excited about—handpicked for your shelves each season by the IPG Sales, Marketing and Publicity teams. View on Edelweiss

Our Spring 2024 picks:

Staff Picks - Spring 2024

Hamlet is Not OK
Hamlet is Not OK >
By RA Spratt
Price 15.99
Bored Gay Werewolf
Bored Gay Werewolf >
By Tony Santorella
Price 24.99
Brutto >
By Russell Norman
Price 60.00
Wild Family
Wild Family >
By Ben Lerwill
Price 22.99
One >
By Eve Smith
Price 16.99
Wild Family
Wild Family >
By Ben Lerwill
Price 22.99
Agatha Christie at Home
Agatha Christie at Home >
By Hilary MacAskill, Foreword by Mathew Prichard
Price 40.00
Chatsworth >
By Alan Titchmarsh
Price 65.00
Art is Everywhere
Art is Everywhere >
By Ellie Chan
Price 19.99
Clyde the Greyhound
Clyde the Greyhound >
By Beck Feiner, By Robin Feiner
Price 18.99
A Different Kind of Brave
A Different Kind of Brave >
By Lee Wind
Price 12.99
Growing Grapes Might be Fun
Growing Grapes Might be Fun >
By Deirdre Macken
Price 17.99
Searching in St. Andrews
Searching in St. Andrews >
By Sean Zak
Price 28.00
Emerald and the Ocean Parade
Emerald and the Ocean Parade >
By Harriet Muncaster
Price 7.99
Emerald and the Sea Sprites
Emerald and the Sea Sprites >
By Harriet Muncaster
Price 7.99
The Best of Asian Cooking
The Best of Asian Cooking >
By Heinz von von Holzen, By Nguyen Thanh Diep, By Keiko Ishida, By Arlene Diego, By Dhershini Govin Winodan, By Lee MinJung
Price 45.00
Nina Simone in Comics!
Nina Simone in Comics! >
By Sophie Adriansen
Price 27.99
Fat Girl Magic
Fat Girl Magic >
By Kat Savage
Price 17.99
Clay and Bones
Clay and Bones >
By Lisa G. Bailey
Price 28.99
Parenting at the Intersections
Parenting at the Intersections >
By Jaya Ramesh, By Priya Raghav, Foreword by Bayo Akomolafe
Price 19.99
Cleopatra and the Undoing of Hollywood
Cleopatra and the Undoing of Hollywood >
By Patrick Humphries
Price 29.99
Scarygirl >
By Nathan Jurevicius
Price 15.99
Love Is...
Love Is... >
By Lily Murray, Illustrated by Sarah Maycock
Price 9.99
Sherlock Bones and the Horror of the Haunted Castle
Sherlock Bones and the Horror of the Haunted Castle >
By Tim Collins, Illustrated by John Bigwood
Price 9.99
Mary Makes it Easy
Mary Makes it Easy >
By Mary Berry
Price 50.00
Turn Your Scary Upside Down
Turn Your Scary Upside Down >
By Andy Hardiman
Price 17.99
Unas galletas de muerte
Unas galletas de muerte >
By Joanne Fluke
Price 19.95
Penny Bloods
Penny Bloods >
Edited by Nicole C. Dittmer
Price 24.99
Blue Notes
Blue Notes >
By Anne Cathrine Bomann, Translated by Caroline Waight
Price 20.00
Intelligent Hands
Intelligent Hands >
By Charlotte Abrahams, By Katy Bevan, Foreword by Jay Blades
Price 29.99
We Are All Witches
We Are All Witches >
By Mairi Kidd
Price 26.99
Every Cripple a Superhero
Every Cripple a Superhero >
By Christoph Keller
Price 18.99
Heiress, Rebel, Vigilante, Bomber
Heiress, Rebel, Vigilante, Bomber >
By Not Defined
Price 18.99
Black Girl IRL
Black Girl IRL >
By Gail Hamilton Azodo
Price 19.99
If You Knew My Name
If You Knew My Name >
By Lisa Roberts Carter
Price 19.99
Hurricanes in Perfect Power
Hurricanes in Perfect Power >
By VV.AA., Compiled by Candice Brathwaite
Price 29.99
The Heavy Bag
The Heavy Bag >
By Sarah Surgey
Price 17.95
A Seat at the Table
A Seat at the Table >
By Glenn L. Starks, By F. Erik Brooks
Price 30.00
Welcome to Wild town
Welcome to Wild town >
By AF Harrold, By Dom Conlon, Illustrated by Korky Paul
Price 14.99
Owen Jones and the V&A
Owen Jones and the V&A >
By Olivia Horsfall Turner
Price 69.99
Star Crossed, Volume 1
Star Crossed, Volume 1 >
By Crimson Chains
Price 19.99
3D Street Art
3D Street Art >
By Erni Vales
Price 27.99
Live, Laugh, Laundry
Live, Laugh, Laundry >
By Laura Mountford
Price 29.99
The Hive
The Hive >
By Scarlett Brade
Price 15.99
The Atlantis Gene
The Atlantis Gene >
By A.G Riddle
Price 16.99
Central Avenue Poetry Prize 2024
Central Avenue Poetry Prize 2024 >
Edited by Beau Adler
Price 16.99
The City Is Up for Grabs
The City Is Up for Grabs >
By Gregory Royal Pratt
Price 28.99